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12 Products To Help Step Up Your Coffee Game

You love coffee. It's true. But here are some tips to give your coffee-making experience a little more pizzaz. Start with a cup of the one and only Café Bustelo coffee.

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1. Grind your beans to perfection with a burr grinder. It will take your coffee from MEH to AMAZING.

Why a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder? The grind is much finer with a burr grinder — you don't want those chunks. And whether you get an electric or manual grinder, always remember to clean it! Your investment will be useless if you don't keep it in tip-top shape.

7. If you like someone a latte, a handheld milk frother is an excellent present.

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So, technically it wouldn't be making a latte, but dang, you can make a mean cappuccino at home with one of these bad boys.

8. Sometimes you just want a drip brewer to do all the work for you.

OK, so the great thing about automatic drip brew coffee makers is that not much work is involved in making the coffee. So if you're a no-nonsense person, but would still like a decent coffee, try this lovely machine. It comes in other cool colors too.