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    A Single Girl's Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day

    While we hate to remind you, the single ladies’ favorite holiday to hate is quickly approaching. Instead of not so carefully crafting a hate bonfire with your ex’s pictures and old boxer briefs this Valentine’s Day, follow these 10 steps for a guaranteed better time with your girlfriends… And your new best friend, tequila.

    1. Text your main betches to alert them of the romantic fiesta that's about to ensue; girls are better than boys anyway.

    2. Put on your sexiest outfit. You'll turn heads and look so hot that even cheese will melt.

    3. Cab it to your favorite local Mexican restaurant.

    4. Order round one of shots and margaritas. Go big or go home, ladies.

    5. Obviously, you'll need to order an abnormal amount of chips and queso to eat away your feelings.

    Because let's face it, sometimes it just feels like you're going to be single forever.

    6. Order another round of margaritas because, in case you forgot, it's Friday, it's Valentine's Day and your friends won't judge you for getting sloppy.

    Plus, throwing back margs is classier than drinking from the bottle at home by yourself.

    7. Hit on one of the guys pounding Dos Equis' at the table next to yours.

    No worries that the hot guy turned out to be a tool and your awkward, drunken attempt to hit on him failed.

    8. At this point, you're getting a little too tipsy, and getting sick is never classy.

    Carb loading with fajitas and extra flour tortillas should help.

    9. Grab your phone, no, not to drunk text your ex, but to call the cabbie.

    10. Put on a Snuggie (better than tacky V-Day lingerie) and proceed to pass out on your girlfriend's couch.

    …Because the February 15th walk of shame is overrated.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, Tex-Mex is better than any boyfriend because it'll never leave you and you'll always be satisfied.

    To the single ladies in Houston...