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Gordon Ramsay Opened A Real-Life Hell's Kitchen At Caesars Palace

Feel like you're participating in a dinner service challenge in real life. Book a table now — Hell's Kitchen is open at Caesars Palace.

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Fun Fact: Gordon Ramsay can make a dish as well as he can make a sick diss on TV.

Which means you can now feel like you're part of an IRL dinner service challenge inside of the actual Hell's Kitchen.

And the menu will feature signature items from the show like the mouthwatering beef Wellington.

It'll also have other fan favorites like pan-seared scallops, lobster butternut squash risotto, truffle carbonara, and crispy skin salmon.

And! Once you're done feasting in Hell's Kitchen, sing your heart out at one of their shows, like Céline.

Or dance the night away at their massive nightclub, OMNIA, that has lights that are on a whole other level.

All images courtesy of Caesars Palace unless otherwise noted.