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15 Signs Ilana Wexler Is Your Spirit Animal

Everyone's new favorite comedy Broad City has been renewed for a second season! You're either an Abbi or Ilana. Here are 15 signs you're an Ilana.

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1. You would do absolutely anything for your best friend.

2. You've mastered the fine art of the wordless pick-up.

3. You keep everything in your nature's pocket. Why wouldn't you?

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4. Despite your poor performance, you still haven't been fired from your job.

5. You've never read a newspaper.

6. You're so anti-racist that you're kind of racist.

7. You would do anything, including stealing office supplies, to get Lil Wayne tickets.

8. You take great pride in having the fattest ass at the party.

9. You're all about free lotion.

10. Bad improv is your number one turnoff.

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11. You've made it clear that you're the one your friends should go to for some same sex experimentation.

12. Of course you kept that catering suit! Why wouldn't you?

13. You've got this thing with this guy. It's purely physical, but not really.

14. You're a real doo-doo ninja.

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15. Yeah, you've chipped a tooth on a jawbreaker once or twice.

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