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Paleo, Schmaleo. Which Fad Diets Are NOT For You?

Find out if these super-hyped regimens are a bad fit.

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PALEO. Are you actually emerging from a cave to hunt animals and gather plants for nourishment at mealtimes? If not, perhaps consider incorporating the good parts of a Stone Age-era diet--nothing processed, all organic, lots of veggies and nuts--and forgetting the rest, geared toward primitive digestive systems and lacking in calcium.

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GLUTEN-FREE. Do you actually have celiac disease? Unless you do, or have legit allergies, there's no reason to hop on this grain-free bandwagon. Ask any gastroenterologist. We could all benefit from non-inflammatory foods (a pro of this diet), but if you think you're doing your body good by chowing down on GF cookies, think again. Turns out they're packed with calories like all the rest.

MEDITERRANEAN. Do you skew accelerated-Spring '17 -bikini-bod-readiness over all-around longevity? There's a reason the Greek isle of Ikaria is a blue zone. People live to 100+, largely due to their diet of lean protein and plant-based foods with copious amounts of Omega-3 healthy fats. Obviously a good call for the long haul, but if you're looking for a quick fix (which is generally a bad call), this one isn't for you.

Ikaria, Greece.
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Ikaria, Greece.

MASTER CLEANSE, (master schleanse). Do you like having energy? Everyone from the seriously committed to fair-weather fans of fitness has tried some version of the depletive mother of all elimination diets. Bottom line: unless you are having a specific health crisis, or are on some kind of pre-surgery regimen, giving yourself "a jumpstart" by fasting is generally a guaranteed way to end up worse off than when you began.

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