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4 Big Non-Football-Related Reasons Houston Belongs On Your Fun Map

H-town may be the face of the big game, but the Bayou City is host to much more than "the sports."

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1. FOOD RULES! Anthony Bourdain's a big fan, super-chef David Chang thinks Houston might be America's next food capital and this crazy-inventive restaurant boasting a flavorful new concept every year (for five years!) is coming soon. And that's just the beginning ...

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Grocery store dance party anyone?! Houston is the subject of Season 8/Episode 5 of Anthony Bourdain's CNN series "Parts Unknown."

2. ART RULES! The Menil Collection, with its cutting-edge programming and globally adored Rothko Chapel, is a prime example, but from public art to landmark exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, scores of galleries, in addition to world-class theater and music ... the spoils of BIG OIL have been funneled into magnificent art offerings.

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A tour of the amazing Menil Collection.

3. DIVERSITY RULES! Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research and others have found that Houstonians are not only the most ethnically diverse population in the nation, surpassing both Los Angeles and New York City, but they're also apparently among the most tolerant. Howdy, indeed!

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4. NASA! Houston is still MISSION CONTROL, y'all. Astronauts and engineers come down to Johnson Space Center to train in the pressure chamber and terra firma-bound citizens are able to take tours and even explore space during the big game.

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