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13 Things Everyone Who’s Obsessed With Creme Eggs Will Understand

Sadly not compatible with New Year's resolutions.

1. Ah, Easter. Or, as it's better known, the Time of Year When Creme Eggs Are in the Shops.

2. Despite it being the same time every year, it always seems to creep up on you.

3. It's important to stock up for the long, cold summer ahead.

4. Because the alternative is just not worth thinking about.


6. Although, you have to spare a thought for all the other people around the world who just don't understand the obsession.

7. Everyone has their own little bespoke recipe.

My sister has come up with this random method to create a Creme Egg hot chocolate. This level of ingenuity should be awarded a Nobel Prize

8. If inception ever became a thing, this would obviously be your totem:

9. Even the mugs make an incredible cup of tea.

Brilliant choice of craving creme eggs 😔🙊

10. How many New Year's resolutions have been broken thanks to Creme Eggs?

11. That feeling when you introduce someone to creme eggs for the very first time:

12. Although, that feeling can be topped:


13. Okay, maybe this is a little too far.

Cadbury's Creme Eggs are back! Hurrah! But they'll only be here until Easter... So best catch them before they're gone!

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Consider yourself a Creme Egg connoisseur? Then you'll want to get yourself ready for Creme Egg Hunting Season!