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18 Truths That All Sleepaway Camp Girls Understand

By: Ariana C

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Having gone to sleepaway camp myself for 7 years, getting up at 7 in the morning, singing at meals, dressing up in costumes for meals, and not showering for days is the norm. To any sane person, this is a reality separate from their own. In our own reality, we enjoy what “outsiders” might think is completely, and utterly insane. However, once you are sucked in, it is impossible to retreat out of the vortex of a separate reality to which the camp takes you.

1. You and Everything around you will always be dirty

The first task of the day is cleaning the bung. It is inevitable, no matter how many times you clean, it is going to be dirty. However, you are continually impressed with how many less cobwebs there are, or how amazing everyones towels look arranged in rainbow order.

2. The only way you can describe camp to anyone is "rustic"

Thinking about your bed at the end of a long day is a dream. In reality, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that your bed is comfortable, or you don’t mind not having hot water from the sinks, you do mind this "rustic" setting.

3. Riding is a hassle

Putting on long pants to go riding is just such a hassle that it makes you think why even do it at all. Any activity that you can’t go pantless just isn’t worth it. However, you continually look forward to your lesson and how you might even be able to canter or even gallop that day.

4. Once you get past all the muck, the lake is great!

The lake, that just happens to be a lovely dark green*, is a part of your favorite daily activity, swimming. Once you got past the color and the floating algae, known as muck, the lake shortly became your favorite place. Everyday you go to swimming thinking about how you might be the next Michael Phelps, hoping to pass your stroke and eventually level 4, beginners swimming.

5. There is no way you will ever be Serena or Venus Williams at Tennis

Thinking you’re a tennis pro, you enter the tournament, only to be beat by a MUCH younger camper in the first round. You still have your pride though upon receiving a participation award at council fire, along with the 20 others who participated.

6. You might be 17, but you are not the dancing queen

You try to convince yourself that you are so graceful and dance like a queen but you know the moves where you roll on the ground just aren’t cutting it. It’s safe to say that Jane Austen wouldn’t approve of your “innovative”* moves.

7. The juniors are cute and have no time for you

No matter where you go, you somehow run into the juniors and no matter how much you want to befriend them because they are so cute, they won’t have any of it. Some are more successful in this than others.

8. You make one appearance down at Arts & Crafts all summer

Every time tye-dye is a craft you are guaranteed to see everyone in camp bombarding the arts & crafts room in order to make a shirt. If you don’t play by the rules, of course you make more than one along with coloring your nice white shirts for visiting day, that your mom will love. This is the only time you will probably be seen down there for the duration of the six weeks.

9. You think you're Katniss

Archery is so chill that you may think you’re Katniss Everdeen, when really you’ve only shot 6 rounds and spent the next two hours either looking for the arrow you lost (and will never find) or talking about nothing while sitting on the tarp. Outside of camp, you will still continue to tell people about how you get bullseyes on the first target.

10. It is impossible to ever be full at camp

You’re never full at camp and that is not an understatement. Every meal is an event to be cherished because of the so many options of food your mom couldn’t make you at home. No matter how hard you try, you can’t pass up that 2nd, 3rd, or even 11th slice of pizza. You might even try to break the record of eating the most to prove yourself as an established member of society, maybe not the kind Jane Austen has in mind however. (The record for pizza is currently 22, quesadillas is 12, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is 8, and tacos is 10)

11. Getting letters is the equivalent to Christmas

Receiving letters at camp no matter how old you are will make you feel far superior to all your friends,even if is from your parents. Most of the time you’re even surprised you’re parents will write or send you a care package because in many instances parents may call to see if their kids are even alive because of their lack to write home.

12. It is possible to live without technology

People will constantly ask you “How do you live without your phone?” It’s actually easy if you like and appreciate the people you’re with because you don’t care about what other people are doing. Without having technology, you are able to be "creative" with your ways to have fun. Camp is a time just to ignore everyone else politely and spend time with the few people that you really love.

13. Even with 8 hours of sleep, it's still impossible to get up

You dread the sound of the bugle even after your 8-9 hours of sleep you get every night, which is significantly more than you will ever get during the other 46 weeks of the year. Getting out of bed is torture, and putting on clothes is even worse. If going naked to breakfast was an option, it would be your first choice.

14. You have NO idea of what is going on in the real world

Sometimes without technology, you can feel kind of out of touch at camp. Then someone will graciously receive a people magazine and you can read all about what is important in the world right now; Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, Justin Bieber’s arrests, the accusations against Paula Deen,and what is currently happening with your favorite reality tv show. Of course you get the occasional fake rumor like Jackie Chan died or Whoopi Goldberg is under arrest for possession of drugs.

15. Looking camp good isn't the same as looking good

At camp, you believe that you look halfway decent most of the time. Especially whenever there’s a nice event, such as dinner or dance, you believe that you look the very best you’ve ever looked. At that moment you could probably even attend a ball and perhaps a man would even dance with you twice in order to become his wife!* The reality is that those cracked mirrors that are covered with dirt, do not reflect your “true inner beauty”. At the time, you would never even realize because you are with your best friends having fun. Looking back at photos from the summer though is a whole different story...

16. Evening Activities are the best

Coming together as a whole camp to participate in evening activities is probably the most fun you’ll ever have. It’s hard to believe that you would get so into a game of manhunt that you’d throw yourself into a bush of thorns, but it has happened. It’s all the love of the games that get you so into playing with your closest friends against your "enemies".

17. People just don't get what you do at camp

No matter what you will never be able to explain to the simpletons and outsiders what you do at camp. If you even tried there is always the same look that comes along with the famous “okay then” remark. Clearly no one is interested in the weird stuff you do and especially why you tear up talking about how much you miss it. I mean how are you supposed to explain why you love singing during meals so much, or why everyone dresses up in the same colors to give each other rewards for the activities completed throughout the week?

18. Camp Friends are the best friends you will ever make

Camp is weird no matter what way you put it. This is why the people you spend your days with there are so close to your heart. No one can break the bond between camp girls and that is the most important truth behind the abnormalities of camp.


* "The lake, that just happens to be a lovely dark green" -Sarcasm

* It's safe to say that Jane Austen wouldn't approve of your "innovative"* moves. -Euphemism

* At that moment you could probably even attend a ball and perhaps a man would even dance with you twice in order to become his wife!* - My nod to Jane Austen

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