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10 Things You Should Consider When Visiting Venezuela

The most dangerous place in the world, or the most affordable paradise? Venezuela sure has a little bit of both. The only thing we can be certain about is that when taking enough precautions you'll have the time of your life.


1. How to get there?


One of the most afordable ways to get to the Simon Bolivar International Airport is by flying with Santa Barbara Airlines. They offer three daily flights from Miami to Caracas. The average direct flight varies from $400 to $600 depending on the season.

2. Take advantage of the local hyperinflation

The only way to take advantage of the currency exchange is to sell American Dollars in the black market. One useful tool to know the exact rate is which shows the daily shifts of the currency.

By the time I posted this article, one Dollar was valued in 2000 Bolivares. By the time you read this the currency probably already devaluated even more.

3. Enjoy the paradise

Between the most visited natural wonders we can find Los Roques Island. If you're a beach lover you will enjoy the white sand, and crystal clear waters there. You can get fresh lobster for under $5 or you can even catch them yourself. You'll be able to find very affordable options once you get there. Did you know you had this marvelous paradise two hours away from Florida? offers several all inclusive deals to tourists departing from Caracas.

4. Crazy Nightlife

Have you ever dreamed of partying like a rock star? $100 are more than enough to have the night of your life. Popping bottle services in the best nightclubs is really affordable compared to any club here in Miami.

Ask your local friends or hotel staff about the hottest nightclubs by the time you get there.

5. Caracas is famous for its gastronomy

World War Two brought a wave of European immigrants to Venezuela. This gave as a result the most complex variety of food you'll find on any country in Latin America. From Spanish paella to international steak cuts, the crisis has not reached the dollarized restaurants.

Some of Caraca's most notorious places include La Castanuela, Maute Grill, El Cine Restaurant, between others.

6. Eager to play a few holes?

Caracas offers professional golf courts on its several country clubs. On average, the fees charged on the Doral Trump National Court are enough to play 10 times on any of the local courts.

7. Enjoy the local culture


Venezuela has one of the most complex and colorful cultures in Latin America. Los Diablos de Yare is one good example of the mix between indigenous and catholic traditions. Once in Caracas, don't forget to visit the Hannsi Artesanal Center located in El Hatillo. In there you'll find a wide variety of Venezuelan food, art, and souvenirs. For more information visit

8. Keep it safe!


Security is a great issue in Venezuela! Always remember to keep it low profile, don't walk at night, and, if necessary, hire the services of personal bodyguards and armored cars. This precautions might save you from any unwanted situations. offers a private security service perfect for that night out in Caracas.

9. Visit the Tepuyes!

One of the most breathtaking mountains you'll ever visit is located near the Venezuelan border with Brazil. This mountains are so secluded from the rest of the world, they have developed their own ecosystems on top, which means some of these species are only found there. offers full excursion trips to this paradise including a guide, food and beverages, and stay.

10. Remember you're still on a very unstable country

Even though people in Venezuela are mostly kind and open, the current political crisis might bring violent uprisings, demonstrations and riots. Twitter is a great tool to keep an eye on when, where and for how long this protests are taking place. You don't want to find yourself trapped between protesters and the police when these events occur.

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