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    The 10 Best And 10 Worst Moments Of Season 2 Of "Euphoria"

    Euphoria is over, which means we have to wait another two years to judge a season's plot, characters, and outfits, of course.

    Unpopular opinion: Euphoria's season finale wasn't giving at all.

    BEST: Maddy's "You Better Be Joking" Line

    WORST: Ashtray and that Red Light

    BEST: Ethan's "Holding Out for a Hero" Performance

    Ethan performing "Holding Out for a Hero" at Lexi's play.

    WORST: Kat's Weird Way of Dumping Ethan

    BEST: Faye Hushing Fezco in the Middle of the Kitchen

    Faye standing in Fez's kitchen before the police raid

    WORST: Laurie's Monologue

    Laurie sitting in her kitchen talking to Rue

    BEST: Maddy's Monologue in the Hot Tub

    Maddy talking to friends in a hot tub

    WORST: Nate's Nightmare

    Nate crying in bed

    BEST: Rue's "How Long Have You Been Fucking Nate Jacobs?" Question to Cassie in Front of Everyone

    WORST: Cassie Crying in the Bathroom while Maddy Bangs on the Door

    cassie crying in the bathroom

    BEST: Rue Slapping the Sense Out of Elliot

    Elliot sitting on a couch in Rue's house

    WORST: Rue Dissing Ali While Being on Drugs

    Ali questioning Rue over the suitcase she is carrying from Laurie, the drug lord

    BEST: Maddy's Iconic Banging on the Bathroom Door

    WORST: Nate's Twisted "Russian Roulette" Game on Maddy

    BEST: Fezco Beating the Daylights Out of Nate at NYE's Party

    Fez and Nate briefly talking at the NYE's party before Fez breaks a liquor bottle over Nate's head

    WORST: Rue Struggling to Open a Jolly Rancher

    Rue trying to open a Jolly Rancher

    BEST: Montage of Lexi and Fezco's Phone Conversations

    WORST: Jules Cheating on Rue with Elliot

    Jules and Elliot lying in bed

    BEST: Cassie and Lexi's Mom, Suze: "Oh, She Needs a Fucking Exorcism"

    Suze yelling at her daughter Cassie over her affair with Nate Jacobs

    WORST: Elliot's Long Song Mid-Finale

    Elliot playing guitar to Rue

    What were your favorite and least favorite moments from Season 2?