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    Emily Donohue Gets Emotional On Her EP, Vices.

    Emily Donohue’s second EP Vices is an insight into the psyche of a sensible soul and a portrait of a talented artist. This release is filled to the brim with haunting melodies, heartfelt lyrics and raw vocals that exude emotion. Donohue’s truthful and at times dark lyrical poetry is insightful and authentic, immediately connecting listeners with timeless personal themes. In the first track of the album, Shallow Grave, Donohue showcases her most earnest performance yet, recalling the textural arrangements of earlier Chet Faker music or Portishead. Vices is the third track of this eclectic EP, as the artist takes her edgy pop melodies further. Saturday Night denotes a change of vibes, with a playful Ukulele to add some sunshine and lightness to the mix. This EP really echoes influences such as Adele and Justin Vernon (also known as Bon Iver), with an organic and warm energy that is brought forth by contrasting light and darkness in the musical arrangements. Discover more:

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