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    7 things you’d never expect to find inside a government building

    The government's new Estate Strategy outlines the potential sale of government property, raising almost £5 billion by 2020 and creating potential jobs and housing for thousands. Read on to discover some little known ways the government has been delivering value for money to taxpayers from government buildings. #GovSavings

    1. Tennis courts

    2. Illegal drag racing

    3. The best cocktails in London

    4. Property management James Bond-style

    5. The Ministry of Magic

    6. It’s the Civil Service Jim, but not as we know it…

    7. An “ENIGMA-tic” property deal?

    Want to find out more about how we're getting the best value for money for taxpayers from the government's buildings? Read more in 'Whitehall palaces: a thing of the past'.