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Another Annoying/Creepy Snapchat Update

But are you really surprised?

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Today the ever popular picture and video sharing app, Snapchat, launched yet another update.

You're probably looking at your phone thinking "what now?!" Don't worry.

Here's what went down and how you can learn to navigate the changes.

No more holding your thumb down while watching snaps/stories.

You now only have to tap once to view a story.

But wait...does this mean that once you tap on that never-ending story you are doomed to watch for all eternity (100 seconds)?


Instead of tapping the life out of your screen to free yourself - you can just swipe down on the screen and get on with your day - free of annoying selfies and dog videos.

Snapchat has added a new option on how you can add friends.

There is now an "add nearby" feature to help you connect with strangers...who are nearby! Great! Because we don't have enough questionable people trying to add us already.

There is a way to defend yourself from Snapchat's creepiness, however.

If for whatever reason you don't want to connect with nearby Snapchat users, there is a way to make sure they don't find you.

If you don't want Snapchat to broadcast your location to people, don't open up that "Add Nearby" option. DON'T. DO. IT.

Unless you want to add people nearby, then by all means hit those + signs.

And profile pictures for Snapchat, too?

So Snapchat has this little feature with QR codes where you can make a selfie show up instead of the ghost, that way people can recognize you easier and add you.

Essentially if you see a picture of someone's Snapcode (like on someone's fan page), you can take a picture with it under "add by Snapcode" and it will seamlessly add the person.

Although this seems much more difficult than just manually typing in someone's username, but what do I know?

Last but not least, more security!

Now Snapchat has implemented a two-step authentication to increase security on the app and make sure your precious account doesn't get hacked.

So you're safe....relatively!

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