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4 Ways Retailers Are Drawing Consumers Back into Brick and Mortar Stores

It has been the great debate of many: will retail brick and mortar stores survive the influx of home delivery orders? Conglomerates such as Google Express, Amazon, and Freshdirect have become staples for household essentials of shoppers all over the world. So what exactly has the response been for brick and mortar shops? Here are a few reactive methods we have seen to draw consumers into the retail spaces of all kinds, from your corner bodegas to big brands.

bzuckman One year ago

Five Ways to Virtually Find a New Accountant this Tax Season

In case you've forgotten, April 17th is Tax Day, which for some, is a day we've been dreading all year a month away. No need to stress, however, here’s a quick guide to websites that can help you get your taxes in order so you’re prepared to file on time, for all you last-minute procrastinators:

bzuckman One year ago

Crpyto-Currency Is Far From Dead. These Companies Prove Why

In light of the recent decrease in the value of Crypto-Currency due to South Korea hinting at possibly banning Crypto-Currency, there is doubtful speculation about its future. The day of the announcement, the local price of bitcoin plunged by 21 percent down to 18.3 million won ($17,064.53.) It got ever more turbulent the following day, with prices around $12,000 USD. Yes, people are fearful and doubting crypto as a whole, however, these companies are proof that Crypto is in it for the long haul.

bzuckman 2 years ago

The Top 8 Hotels To Visit In NYC To Blend In With Trendy New Yorkers

The city of New York has its own heartbeat, and more so than other cities, there is a stark contrast between the novice and the native traveler. Upwards of 60 million tourists a year peruse the city that never sleeps, yet never stray away from the heart of midtown. Want more out of your experience coming to Manhattan than the vast crowds of Times Square and the Theater district? Here are some picks for travelers that are stylish, unique, and above all, away from the hoards:

bzuckman 2 years ago