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Five Ways to Virtually Find a New Accountant this Tax Season

In case you've forgotten, April 17th is Tax Day, which for some, is a day we've been dreading all year a month away. No need to stress, however, here’s a quick guide to websites that can help you get your taxes in order so you’re prepared to file on time, for all you last-minute procrastinators:

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1) Intuit

Via Intuit

Intuit gives you access to top-rated pros, exclusive online deals and more than 10 million verified reviews. The service can help individuals complete their tax returns on TurboTax and get their biggest refunds. Tax Support and Tax Advisors guide you through the process.



With HENRY, or High Earning Not Rich Yet, a CPA with at least ten years of experience will prepare your returns in about two days for $250. They have worked with clients making between $50,000 and $300,000.

3) Fyndapro

Via Fyndapro

Fyndapro is similar to Angie’s List, but it includes videos of freelancers explaining their elevator pitches, which you can watch and decide who’s the best fit for you, both in terms of expertise and personality.

4) Thumbtack

Via Thumbtack

This online service-based marketing website is a way for professionals to create a profile and market their services to prospective clients in their area. Services range from accounting to personal training to photo booth rentals, and more. The service providers are rated by users.

5) Citysearch

Via Citysearch

Headquartered in California, Citysearch is an online city guide that connects you with various services around the U.S., in spaces such as dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services.

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