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    4 Ways Retailers Are Drawing Consumers Back into Brick and Mortar Stores

    It has been the great debate of many: will retail brick and mortar stores survive the influx of home delivery orders? Conglomerates such as Google Express, Amazon, and Freshdirect have become staples for household essentials of shoppers all over the world. So what exactly has the response been for brick and mortar shops? Here are a few reactive methods we have seen to draw consumers into the retail spaces of all kinds, from your corner bodegas to big brands.

    NRS: National Retail Solutions Brings Touch Screens to National Bodegas


    National Retail Solutions (NRS) is a point-of-sales system used by bodegas and other small businesses to help them fight back against bigger chain stores and online. NRS helps bodegas remain competitive in a tough market by drawing in and retaining customers through a comprehensive rewards program, and personalized coupons.

    NRS’s POS system, which is one of the largest digital out-of-home advertising networks targeted towards the Hispanic community, generates hundreds of millions of impressions a month. Their eye-level interactive ads have proven to increase sales through a case study they conducted with their Procter & Gamble products.

    “The NRS point of sale system gives small retailers the tools to compete against large chain stores, to thrive and succeed amidst giants,” said Elie Katz, President and CEO of NRS. “Our POS ecosystem is ideal for independent Mom-and-Pop stores that would ordinarily not be able to afford the features we include. NRS has leveraged our infrastructure and technology to provide an independent system of high-tech hardware and software with powerful merchant tools, bundled with loyalty, rewards, couponing and customer marketing programs. We include our affordable rewards system within our POS, to help convenience stores attract and retain customers. We’re excited to help our customers grow and prevail within the highly competitive multicultural marketplace.”

    The Glossier Showroom: Creating an Insta-Haven in Soho, NY

    It’s no secret that the cult-beauty startup turned million dollar company Glossier has had an impactful and targeted marketing strategy for their customer base. As the only beauty brand to ever launch their company and initial product solely on social media, they are using their developed following to bring these targeted consumers IRL to the lower Manhattan showroom, by creating an Instagram paradise for even the pickiest of influencers.

    With lettered mirrors, powerful slogans, and millennial pink, it’s hard not to snap a selfie at this trendy loft, where products can be sampled and new formulas are unveiled in this 20th century Galleria for 20-somethings.

    A Fragrance Expert on Implementing Sensory Involvement in Stores

    Sue Phillips

    As the CEO of Scenterprises based in Tribeca, New York City, Sue Phillips has been developing formulas and selling products for decades. The renowned “Scentrepreneur” has a whole-hearted belief that by utilizing the senses of the consumer, the purchasing process of humans can be revolutionized.

    "Rather than simply wanting to purchase the product, they want to really feel and smell what it is like to experience," said Sue Phillips.

    Auto industry leaders such as Lincoln Navigator have contacted Sue personally to incorporate this component in their events. In her studio in downtown Tribeca called The Scentarium, guests are welcome to come have an experience of their own with Sue.

    The Glimpse Group’s In-It VR: AR/VR for Smarter Retail


    In-It VR, a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, utilizes disruptive immersive visual technologies to create virtual and augmented reality experiences to support brands, transforming the way companies engage with consumers, and encouraging customers into the store.

    The virtual reality branding experience brings the brand to life, delivering direct and memorable interactions that are unique and not possible in other mediums. These life-like experiences are designed to improve retention, increase conversion rates and generate deeper data analytics.

    “Retailers are challenged with creating new reasons to get shoppers off of their computers and into stores,” said Katelyn Coghlan, General Manager of In-It VR. “Since creating experiences in a general sense is attractive to the 21st Century consumer, it makes sense for retailers to create an experience out of shopping at brick-and-mortar locations. VR and AR can do just that. Retailers can activate AR content from items already at stores, like signs, logos, décor, and mannequins. These activations can be gamified to keep shoppers in the store longer, and can also directly provide buying incentives that are personalized based on the customer’s shopping history. VR is unique in that it can also be used as a game, but it can also be a way of showcasing items that are not able to be stocked in the store. This opens up a new way of providing exclusive content to consumers, and also introduces a new way of purchasing, thus keeping their minds open to new retail possibilities in the future.”