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    • byronf2

      Sounds like an interesting show if you could get some actual Saudis to throw some daylight on the writing. I know we all want to live in a happy Disney world where people everywhere are wonderful, but it would be nice to cut through the BS once in awhile and look at some of the negatives in a foreign culture. Saudi Arabia is a bit scary, don’t you think? Women can’t drive and face a lot of other restrictions on travel and movement that are subject to the approval of some male in their lives. Has that recently stopped being true? And what is it, like 80% foreigners doing all the work in the country, literally, some of them in slavelike conditions, with their passports confiscated in just the manner described in this script. Saudi actually had slavery till the 60s you know. And then the executions and so forth. I mean, complain about stereotyping, but the country isn’t exactly run by PR consultants. Go to Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International and read up. I’m sure most Saudi people are wonderful, really. But, wow, social problems in that country. But we can only talk about American social problems, right?

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