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    Just 30 Very Nice Things From Wayfair For Your Home

    Minor additions = major impact.

    1. A terrazzo lift-top coffee table that looks like a party with its confetti-like design. And it is a party when you can score a multifunctional piece of furniture that looks this good.

    A terrazzo-style coffee table with matching side bench in a living room setting

    2. A set of pleated velvet throw pillows to toss some color into that all-white living room.

    Two pleated orange throw pillows on a sofa with a cozy blanket, near a framed picture

    3. A wavy floor mirror for a minimalistic aesthetic that's still BIG in personality.

    the wavy mirror standing in a reviewer's living room

    4. A retro clock in a statement-making hue to infuse your space with a little vintage decor.

    the clock in orange

    5. A three-drawer dresser featuring a lovely woven rattan and plenty of storage so you can access your essentials with a simple reach from the bed or couch.

    the dresser

    6. A bridge shelf perfect for people who no longer live in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's not only a super-cool piece of decor, but it can also provide a bit of nostalgia.

    the bridge shelf with books inside

    7. A pair of modern acrylic vases in case you're looking for a simple yet exquisite design to display your flower arrangements, or even a single flower.

    the vases

    8. A shag rug ideal for adding texture and personality to a room. This '70s decor staple has made a solid comeback. It's super soft to the touch, which makes it perfect to rub your toes in.

    the white shag rug in a reviewer's living room

    9. An ottoman bench you can use in your bedroom, living room, or walkway as a seat, a footrest, or a coffee table. What's cool about this one is that it opens to double as a storage.

    the cream storage ottoman opened to show the depth of the storage

    10. A high-tech square mirror complete with a touch switch dimmable light and anti-fog function that you can hang vertically or horizontally.

    two of the LED mirrors in a reviewer's bathroom

    11. Or, a full-length mirror that'll create an illusion of a larger space, which makes it a great choice for small spaces. This mirror can lean against a wall, be hung, or stand free.

    the standing mirror leaning against a wall

    12. A Dalmatian-dot removable wallpaper ideal for renters looking to spice up an otherwise drab studio apartment and still walk away with their security deposit.

    The wallpaper

    13. Or, a Dalmatian pillow to upcycle some of your older pillows and really fill the place with a more Cruella aesthetic.

    the black spotted pillow on a couch

    14. A quilted chenille floor pillow ideal for small spaces to use as backup extra seating when visitors pop in.

    three of the pillows in a reviewer's room

    15. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf to display your books, plants, photos, and other knickknacks that might've looked like clutter on a dresser, but on this, c'est magnifique!

    The bookshelf in black

    16. A handwoven runner in case you're happy with all of your living room furniture but are looking for a piece to enhance what's already there without being too distracting.

    the handwoven runner

    17. An over-the-toilet organizer that'll hold all of your bathroom essentials and leave room for candles, plants, and extra rolls of toilet paper.

    reviewer image of the white toilet storage in their bathroom

    18. A set of rechargeable under-cabinet lights for accentuating your newly added backsplash or for bringing new light to your original backsplash. You can also use them under wall shelves to illuminate your books, plants, and other treasures.

    A tidy desk setup with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and decorative items, with a world map artwork above

    19. A simple yet elegant arched floor lamp in case you're looking for a way to redecorate your room while working with limited space.

    the arched lamp in a reviewer's living room

    20. Or, a set of column floor lamps to add a subtle and modern flair to your living space. You can place them on each side of your seating or on the sides of your entertainment center to illuminate your next movie night.

    the column lamp

    21. A Japanese shoji-style room divider — it's a truly underestimated piece of decor that can not only hide unsightly items from guests but can also keep eyesores out of sight for you, too. If you have a studio, it's a great way to separate your workstation from your living room area.

    the room divider in a reviewer's home

    22. A hallway organizer with a mirror so you can get one last look at your OOTD before stepping out of the house. This organizer is the perfect catchall with room for hats, coats, shoes, and other decor to jazz up your entryway. (It'll also look super cute in your bedroom, too.)

    the hallway entry organizer

    23. Or, a cozy corner organizer just begging to nestle into that one bare corner in your apartment.

    the corner shelf in a home with trinkets on it

    24. A gorgeous modern tray you can use to house all of your favorite little knickknacks. Or, leave it empty and let that beautiful design be the star of the show.

    a black tray on a table

    25. A leaning ladder desk so you can still maintain an organized workspace for ultimate productivity while taking up very little space. This chic, minimal desk comes with shelves where you can keep your headphones, store books, display photos, and more. 

    reviewer image of the ladder desk with trinkets on it
    Teresa / Wayfair

    Promising reviews: "This desk was surprisingly easy to put together and it looks very chic. It’s perfect for people who have a limited amount of space for an office area." —Eboni

    "Just got my desk in and it looks great! I have a small living area and am still able to have my couches and coffee table without feeling cramped." —Alex

    Price: $205 (originally $246)

    26. A super cute modern double dresser that has an undeniably unique design and tons of storage. With six drawers and two cubby holes, this piece will be both utilitarian and decorative.

    a double dresser with six drawers and cubbies for extra stuff

    Promising review: "My husband and I love the dresser! It adds such a "homey" feeling to our room. We do wish it was a bit taller, but we enjoy it!" —Anonymous

    Price: $203.99 (originally $249.99)

    27. An iron dining table for a modest surface to add to your kitchen. Even with its compact size, it still has room to host up to three visitors — welcome to your dinner party era.

    the dining table with black iron legs and a dark wood surface

    Promising review: "Love love love this table! I was a little worried the darker color would not go with my kitchen design, but it turned out to be very nice! Solid and sturdy. Highly recommend!" —Tieasha

    Price: $299.99

    28. An ultra-soft loveseat because who doesn't love a gorgeous piece of furniture that's also wildly cozy *and* easy to clean? 

    the black couch
    Jessica / Wayfair

    Promising reviews: "Got this for my office at work and it’s perfect! I get compliments all the time and the dogs love it too." —Anonymous

    Price: $309.99+ (originally $399.99; available in 16 colors)

    29. A glamorous wine bottle and glass rack to both organize your libations and display them. This storage rack, once filled out, makes for a ravishing piece of decor that everyone will be ogling at your next cocktail party.

    the wine rack

    30. plush velvet curtain that'll not only add a little instant fancy, but will help to regulate temperatures too, thanks to their thermal insulation. Quick tip: Hanging them high and wide will make your windows look larger.

    the curtains in a deep green

    Promising review: "Gorgeous color and nice weight to the material. This is a nice natural forest green and more neutral/warm than jewel tones. Exactly what I was looking for!" —Allyson

    Price: $32.99+ per panel (originally $121.99+; available in eight sizes and 34 colors)

    Some reviews have been edited for length/clarity.