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    30 Useful Products Every Parent Really ~Autumn~ Know About

    A sleep-training clock, shopping cart cover, foldable indoor slide, and more to help you with the kiddos.

    1. A teaching alarm clock that'll glow green, letting your child know it's go time and that it's OK for them to leave their room in the morning. Now when they wake up at 5 a.m., instead of rushing over to your room, they'll see that their clock isn't glowing green and stay in their bed. And *fingers crossed* they'll go back to sleep. Now you can remain as cozy as possible on those frosty autumn mornings.

    alarm clocks that say "I glow green when it's ok to wake!"

    2. Or, this sleep-training alarm clock complete with a sound machine so your child knows when it's time to go to sleep, when it's almost time to wake up, and when it's time to actually get up and get out of bed. It's also handy for time-outs and naps.

    3. A pack of stick-on fever indicators ideal for cold and flu season when kiddo says they aren't feeling so hot, or is feeling hot, literally. These fever stickers can monitor your child's temp for up to 48 hours. They're less invasive than a thermometer and make it easier to keep an eye on their temp throughout the day.

    4. A faucet extender to help your little ones reach the water while washing their hands. Parents say it's an essential that has come in handy during the pandemic — and we're sure it'll be just as useful for dealing with all of fall's messes.

    a child washing their hands under the faucet extender

    5. Handmade sidewalk chalk for added fun on fall days when the sun is peaking out just enough for a little outdoor activity. Maybe you'd like to challenge them in a rousing game of tic-tac-toe. Perhaps a little hopscotch?

    the donut sidewalk chalk

    6. Time tokens you can use to help limit your child's screen time. Yes, being stuck inside on rainy fall days can be a bummer, but time tokens can help prevent them from turning into little screen zombies. The set comes with a digital magnetic timer, an orange wallet, 19 time tokens, a golden ticket, a promise contract, and instructions and guidelines to help parents set up a time exchange system.

    7. A foldable indoor slide to bring the playground to you when it's too cold to go outside. This slide pops up in minutes and can withstand a group of rug rats for hours of play. Afterward, just pop it back down for easy storing.

    8. A car seat sun shade so you don't have to worry about those car seat buckles burning your kid's skin after sitting in sun all day — a must for folks who live somewhere warm and sunny year-round.

    the sun shade over a childs car seat

    9. Cerave moisturizing cream parents say works wonders on their kids' eczema, keeping their skin moisturized and their flare-ups at bay. It's a must-have as the cold weather dries out the skin.

    the moisturizing cream

    10. A machine washable shopping cart cover you can but baby in without worrying about all the germs people coughed and sneezed while shopping for sweet potatoes. It even has a spot for you to put your phone so they can watch their favorite cartoons while you pick out the day's dinner.

    the shopping cart cover with dinosaurs on it

    11. Organic bandages made with 100% organic bamboo fiber and hypoallergenic adhesive. These biodegradable bandages are free from chemicals, making them ideal for sensitive skin. They're also made with coconut oil to help soothe the wound.

    the bandages

    12. Plant-based vegan cereal because when daylight savings hits (and it hits hard), cereal is a quick and easy option for getting everyone fed and out the door on time. Sometimes, it's a snack or dinner, too. But, this way, you'll rest easier knowing that their cereal isn't loaded with sugar.

    a reviewer photo of the box of cereal and a bowl of cereal next to it

    13. A pack of child-safe charger cover to cover the end of your device charger cord so you can keep it in a convenient place without worrying that your tiny tot will decide it looks like a tasty teether and put it in their mouth.

    a photo that shows how to put the charger into the case and what it looks like closed

    14. A travel urinal perfect for long fall car rides or on days when you're trying to get all of your errands done before the first drop of rain, but there's no toilet (or empty fast food cup) in sight. 😬

    15. A Baby Brezza formula mixing pitcher if you absolutely hate having to leave your warm bed every few hours on chilly fall nights and mix formula by hand. This one-step motorized mixer blends formula effortlessly, and get rid of air bubbles that can occur when shaking the bottle. Parents say it's nice to make larger batches of formula to pour throughout the day.

    someone pouring formula made milk into a bottle

    16. A set of games for the road you can keep in your bag for long car rides to the pumpkin patch. Or whip them out at restaurants to keep the kids engaged while waiting for food. The games are easy and the entire family can join in.

    the car game

    17. A soothing bubble bath made with a plant-based formula safe for baby to soak away the day without causing skin irritation. A nice warm bath on a chilly autumn night makes for a good night's rest.

    the bottle of bubble bath

    18. A magnetic visual timer that'll come in handy during daily reading time, quiet hour, timeouts, or trips to the park when there's finally a day warm enough for outdoor fun. The child can see how much time they have left to do their task or chill out so they can stop asking, "Can I get up now?"

    19. A sensory swing ideal for children with special needs. They can help to calm down and soothe the child, and create a space for them to feel safe. It can also increase body awareness, balance, motor planning, and spatial skills.

    20. A drywall repair kit that'll restore your walls after the kids have spent many fall weekends using the laundry baskets as bumper cars.

    Reviewer's before and after showing a small dent in their wall, and the after photo showing how the kit fixed it with no hole

    21. A sight word Bingo game to put the fun back into learning how to read. Sight words can be frustrating, but this game can make it a little easier — and fun! They might actually look forward to learning during fall break.

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    22. A pack of corner guards because chilly fall weather is forcing everyone indoors and antsy kids + sharp corners on furniture = a recipe for disaster. And, you can always remove them when the kids get older.

    23. A squirting spoon that'll make feeding on the go that much easier. You can pour the food into the spoon and squeeze a little at a time.

    Parent feeding an infant on a park bench with the food storage spoon

    24. A pack of toy straps you can connect to your child's pacifier or favorite toy so they don't chuck it in a pile of leaves every five minutes.

    25. A pack of vomit bags because I, too have traveled to an outdoor event and had my backseat ruined by a motion sick child. *sigh* Yeah, you're gonna want these for the ride home after one too many bites of funnel cake at the fall fair.

    Person vomiting into bag while on a plane

    26. A four-pack of finger pinch guards that can easily attach to the door to keep them from closing on those tiny little fingers. No one wants to pause Thanksgiving dinner to rush the little one to the hospital after they slammed the door shut on their poor little fingers.

    A squishy guard place at the top of a door so that it stays open at all times

    27. A password book so you can keep track of your child's login information for their online school work, email addresses, college applications, and more. This will truly be handy when the power goes off and on during a rainstorm and for some reason everyone is signed out of Netflix.

    Password logbook

    28. A food tray to help picky eaters try something new. It's the perfect size for Thanksgiving, with room to put a little bit of everything on the child's plate. It would help to have a nice dessert prize at the finish line.

    29. Or a construction zone plate that comes with bulldozer utensils to really stay in character. Time to level those mashed potatoes and dig up those veggies.

    30. A machine washable coloring tablecloth sure to provide a little dinnertime entertainment. The family that colors together, stays together.

    Parenting is hard. You deserve a dance break: