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    34 Tried-And-True Cleaning Products That’ll Do The Work In Half The Time

    Because no one wants to spend all day cleaning. No one.

    1. A powerful wheel cleaner that'll make sure no one will catch you ridin' dirty. When you spray it on your tires, the solution will begin to break down and dissolve the dust. You'll know it's working because it'll begin to change colors. Then, just rinse. You don't even have to scrub, and even if you do, the solution cuts normal scrubbing time in half.

    2. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets made from biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe ingredients to finally rid your fave bottle of that mysterious stain on the bottom. The best thing about it is there's no work for you to do so the tablets can clean your favorite tumblers while you complete other tasks, or kick back and relax.

    A before, during, and after photo of a metal water canister rusted, bubbly, and then clean after using the tablet

    3. A spin mop and bucket reviewers say makes mopping quick and easy and helps the floors dry easier, too. The faster those floors dry, the faster you can move on to the next thing on your to-do list.

    the mop and bucket

    4. A disposable Clorox toilet cleaning kit that'll make cleaning the commode simple and easy. Just look at the photo below and see how much stain-busting cleaning power can come in just one of those disposable heads.

    5. A makeup brush shampoo perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges without leaving behind residue. It's also cruelty-free and vegan.

    6. A set of Affresh dishwasher cleaning tablets to clear out all the leftover residue from dishwasher tablets, limescale, and other mineral buildup.

    7. A roll of machine-washable reusable bamboo towels that can be reused 120 times. They're soft enough to use on the skin but tough enough to handle cleaning in the kitchen, car, or anywhere else you'd normally use a sponge or paper towel.

    8. A carpet stain remover perfect for the clumsy or households with kids. Just apply, agitate, and blot for instant results.

    A photo of a stained carpet next to another photo of the same carpet with the stain removed

    9. A dryer vent coil brush reviewers say is ~quick and easy~ and will clean out the buildup of lint in your lint trap, and improve the drying power of your dryer.

    The vent coil brush removing built-up lint from the dryer

    10. An all-natural oven scrub featuring an eco-friendly formula that includes pumice stone to gently and quickly scrub away all of that built-up crud in your oven.

    11. A jetted tub cleaner because you vaguely remember a time when the water in your jetted tub was crystal clear. Now it's gone from a cloudy substance to literal mud — time to clean.

    Three side by side photos of the same bathtub going from rusty to clean

    12. A water-based alkaline wood cleaner that'll restore your favorite wood pieces by removing dirt, oily films, and dried spills.

    13. A microfiber brush set in case you've been wondering whether there's a product made for cleaning blinds. Yes, yes there is.

    14. A jewelry cleaning jar perfect for restoring your favorite pieces back to the way they looked the day you got them in a matter of minutes.

    before and after of a reviewer's jewelry collection cleaned

    15. Or a jewelry-cleaning pen designed for cleaning jewelry with diamonds or other precious stones. Just wet the tip of the brush, twist the end so the cleaning solution comes out, brush your jewelry, rinse, dry and marvel at the sparkle.

    16. A screen cleaner kit just begging to take those fingerprints and crumbs off of your screen so you can stop wondering if that's an exclamation point or a bug.

    a before and after of a computer that is covered in finger prints and then clean as the first day they bought it

    17. A pack of BootRescue cleaning wipes to help care for your leather and suede boots and keep them in the best condition.

    18. A brush set reviewers say will get the dirt out of your nooks and crannies quick, and with great results. You can finally scrub out that old conditioner that's 'chillin in the corner of your shower.

    19. A cleaner and deodorizer because you don't need new carpet. You just need to give this nontoxic cruelty-free formula a chance to make your carpet look ~like new~ again.

    20. An all-surface cleaner made with simple ingredients so you can feel confident cleaning your house without worrying about harsh chemicals.

    21. A handy brush because sometimes dishes need to sit in the sink overnight. In the morning, you'll be happy you have this little brush to quickly lift that crusty food without you having to scrape one utensil with another.

    Model washing fork with utensil cleaner

    22. A chainmail scrubber you can use to clean or restore your cast-iron skillets, woks, pots, pans, dutch ovens, and more.

    23. A two-in-one ultra-slim brush and scraper, a multi-use item that'll help you loosen the grime hiding in your window and door tracks.

    24. A descaling solution because once you use it, you'll never forget to clean your coffee maker again. Is this what we've been drinking with our morning lattes? 🤢

    25. Or a set of cleaning K-Cups that makes cleaning inside your machine as easy as brewing a cup of coffee. After a good cleaning, your morning ✨cup of joe✨ will go back to being the best part of waking up.

    26. A nonabrasive, bleach-free cleaning and polishing powder you'll have to see to believe and thankfully, we have photos. This cleaning polish can break down years of old crud, perfect for washing the history off of the stove in your new rental space.

    Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using Bar Keeper's Friend

    27. A microwave steam cleaner for when the "soften butter" instruction goes horribly wrong. Just fill mama with water and vinegar, and pop her in the microwave. She'll get mad, blow her top, and leave your microwave looking brand new. Ready to try that butter again?

    28. A reusable and machine-washable duster that fits onto the Swiffer duster handle and will knock that dust right off the shelves with one ~swift~ swipe.

    Set of reusable Swiffer dusters in various colors

    29. A bottle of Goo Gone foaming spray, a foaming solution that'll have you waving "bye" to grease grime buildup that won't harm those beautiful countertops.

    30. A pair of fluffy slippers because we've all secretly cleaned up a spill with our socks. This way, our feet stay dry and the spill is gone. It's a win-win.

    31. A reusable pad you can use with your Swifter Wet Jet or Swiffer Sweeper to keep your floors nice and tidy. It's so annoying to want to clean your floors and realizing the box of refill pads is empty. No more late-night trips to the store, you can just pop these in the wash and they're ready to clean again.

    32. A broom for pet and human hair so now you see pet hair all over the floor, ~waves magic broom,~ and now you don't!

    33. And, a pumice cleaning stone that'll turn your stain-filled toilet into an actual glistening porcelain throne worthy of your royal hiney. 👑🍑

    Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using pumice cleaning stone on toilet bowl

    34. A pet hair remover to collect all the fur that's left all over the house like little piles of buried treasure.

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