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    30 Travel Products From Walmart Great For Carry-On Luggage

    Checked bag who...

    1. A lay-flat drawstring makeup organizer to keep your makeup from spilling all over the counter or floor. It makes packing up and heading to the next stop that much easier, too.

    2. A three-pack of organization bags you can use to keep your documents and accessories organized. The largest bag is excellent for holding your boarding pass and itinerary and slides right into your bag.

    the document holders in various sizes

    3. A pair of roll-up flats that'll leave your twinkle toes forever grateful. When your OOTD shoe turns against you and your feet start to ache, just pop out your flats. Not only are they super comfy, reviewers say they look great with any outfit.

    model wearing the flats in brown

    4. A first-aid kit to quickly address those nasty paper cuts or any minor scrapes and scratches that might happen during your travels. The super cute tin is reusable, so instead of buying a new kit when you run out, just purchase refills of the items you're missing.

    the first aid kit in a convenient metal tin

    5. A pair of earbuds so you can zone out while listening to the next chapter of your latest thriller.

    6. A pack of ouchless scrunchies because at some point during your travels, the messy bun starts calling your name so it's best to be prepared.

    the scrunchies

    7. A Mario Badescu rose water facial spray perfect for hydrating your skin or giving your face a little pick-me-up. It's like an energy drink for your skin. Reviewers say they like to use it to lock in their moisturizer.

    the rosewater facial spray

    8. A multi-use lip and cheek tint in case you're searching for a time-saving solution that'll add some emphasis to your cheeks and perfect pout.

    9. A collapsible travel kettle perfect for making the most out of a hotel with little to no amenities. Reviewers say they were even able to boil eggs in their travel kettle, making it an absolute must-have for travel.

    10. A pack of individually wrapped lens cleaning wipes so you don't have to keep asking the person next to you, "What does that say?" Plus, they'll help to keep your camera lens clean so your photos don't have an unidentifiable object lurking in them.

    the lens wipes

    11. A three-piece packing cube set ideal for maximizing every inch of space in your luggage. You could fit a week's worth of clothes in a carry-on with no problem.

    the packing cubes in purple

    12. Or, an eight-piece packing cube set if you're looking to organize every item in your carry-on. From toiletries to sneakers, every essential will be nestled into its place for easy packing. And, it'll make double-checking your inventory easier when it's time to head home.

    the beige packing cube set

    13. A bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser fabric spray because waking up in the morning and forgetting that your vacay shirt is full of wrinkles is a fool proof way to ruin a trip. No more with this baby!

    the spray in a bag

    14. A Revlon volcanic face roller for soaking up excess oil. If you're tired of carrying those blotting papers, try this! It can be used on a clean or made-up face. Yes, you can use it on your finished face without it messing up your makeup.

    a product shot of the revlon roller

    15. A travel lint roller to get all of the lint and loose hair that somehow wound up on all the clothes you packed for vacation.

    16. A two-pack of clip-on toothbrush covers to protect makeup and other miscellaneous substances from getting in your bristles.

    tooth brush cover

    17. A pack of travel-sized Poo-Pourri to minimize the damage when that Impossible Burger almost makes it impossible for you to reach the toilet. Spraying the bathroom before you go will ensure the safety of everyone who uses the restroom after you.

    the poo pouri three pack

    18. A roll-on migraine stick in case you come down with a bad case of the headaches. This migraine stick may provide you with some quick relief, wherever you may be.

    a migrane stick

    19. An anti-nausea wristband that claims to keep motion sickness at bay. So when things get to rocking, hopefully you won't have to go knocking on the bathroom door.

    the wristband

    20. A pack of eye gels that will give you a quick 15-minute refresh. Infused with caffeine, collagen, and other essential ingredients, these pour hydration and elasticity back into tired under-eye skin leaving you feeling (and looking) energized.

    the patches

    21. A high-performance liquid lipstick that puts the shine in — well, shine! It's super pigmented for an ultra-vibrant, glistening lip that'll instantly make you feel like a brand-new person.

    22. A pack of chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets because nothing puts a damper on a fun day like tummy woes. Hopefully, this will stop those rumblings in their track before they escalate to disasters.

    The box of tablets

    23. A set of travel bottles complete with scrub attachments for multitasking storage for your personal hygiene liquids like shampoo or face wash. The little scrubbers offer gentle exfoliation for your face and scalp leaving you with an extra clean and invigorating feeling.

    24. Or a mini bottle of dry shampoo so you can give your mane a refresh throughout the trip without needing to pack a massive bottle of shampoo or worry about any soapy spills in-flight.

    the dry shampoo on a beach

    25. A solid facial cleanser stick that’ll free up room for other liquids in your bag. This cleanser starts as a solid but when you apply water, it foams up into a cleansing oil.

    the cleansing stick

    26. A pair of pillow slides perfect for getting through TSA easier. Just slip them off and slip them back on. Plus, they're super comfy, especially on days when you wish you could wear your house slippers everywhere you go. These are the next best thing.

    a model wearing the orange puffy slip on shoes

    27. A compact hair dryer with a folding handle and retractable cord because you can't trust that the hotel will have one that manages your tresses to your liking.

    the light blue hair dryer with the handle folded in, packed in a suitcase with other travel products and clothes

    28. A seven day set of makeup eraser cloths famous for getting rid of all your makeup with nothing but water. There is no need to take up space with makeup remover; just slip these towels in your back and save the extra space for souvenirs you may pick up on your trip.

    the makeup removal cloths

    29. A handheld steamer because you've managed to fit all your outfits inside the bag which means they're definitely going to be wrinkled when you finally unpack. This handheld steamer will have them looking ~pristine~ when you're ready to head out and explore.

    the steamer emitting steam

    30. A travel-sized weekly pill organizer so you can always keep your vitamins or medicine with you. They have a.m. and p.m. compartments, too.

    The pill organizer with different colored pop-out containers for each day of the week, each with two compartments for night (moon) and day (sun)

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