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    26 Things From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A handy weeding tool, cowboy straw toppers, duster sponges, and other popular products from BuzzFeed Shopping posts.

    1. LONDONTOWN Illuminating Nail Concealer ready to create the illusion of a ~just left the salon~ many without having to leave the house. Brush on a coat or two before heading out to your event and no one will be the wiser. 

    Promising review: "As much as I would love to have nice, manicured nails, I don’t spend money on manicures. Gels are damaging and regular manicures last a couple of days before peeling. I get regular pedicures because they last but my hands have looked pretty unkempt for much of my adult life. Until now.

    I was definitely skeptical that this polish could be any different from one of the countless neutral Essie shades out there that I’ve tried since the '90s — Ballet Slippers, Light as Linen, etc., — but I decided to give the milky shade a try and I’m so glad I did!!! My nails look incredible. I’m not even sure how to describe why but they look very natural and clean. It’s been a week of wearing two coats and there isn’t one bubble or lift forming on the edges. One coat actually looks great also. I am sold on this stuff. Hopefully it will never be discontinued. So so happy." —Jann

    Get it from Amazon for $20 (available in five colors).

    2. Bissell Little Green Pet Deluxe Cleaner — a popular and beloved portable carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that's perfect for pet parents whose furry friends tend to leave them little gifts on the carpet every once in a while. Its portability makes it a household favorite. 

    a reviewer shows the machine on a carpet
    another reviewer using the brush on a couch

    Promising review: "We have a carpet cleaner but it didn’t have attachments for spot cleaning. This is perfect for cleaning a small spill, my chairs, couch, even my carpets in my car. It’s so easy to use and took no time to assemble or learn. I love that it comes with attachments to clean the hose out. And how the other attachments come apart for easy cleaning as well. It has great suction and really gets the dirt out of everything. Used it for cat pee on a couch and it’s worked great for that. I absolutely love this thing and it was worth all the money. It’s not too heavy so it’s easy to carry around and the cord is a great length so you don’t have to keep switching plugs." —Damon

    Get it from Amazon for $98.10.

    BTW, this tool comes with small bottles of ready-to-use cleaning formula, but if you need more, grab a bigger bottle for $11.99!

    3. A CeraVe eye cream formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening niacinamide, and nourishing ceramides to reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. No one will be able to tell that you stayed up all night watching crochet tutorials. 

    Promising review: "Noticeable overnight! This product exceeded my expectations with just one use — very fair sensitive skin, over 50, and wanted something affordable but healthy for my eye area starting to build puffiness and darkness. Just put the recommended dose on at nighttime and by morning I could see a noticeable reduction in puffiness. I am already adding this to my automatic subscription — great value and result!" —Roxy - Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.

    4. An Anua heartleaf pore-clearing cleansing oil — don't let the word *oil* scare you off. This cleansing oil is actually perfect for all skin types and effectively removes makeup residue, blackheads, and sebum. It even prevents your pores from clogging. Reviewers say their skin doesn't only feel amazing, they can physically see the impurities leave their face when using the oil. You don't need a fairy godmother, you've already got the potion. 

    the reviewer with glowy glass skin
    the sebum that came out of the reviewer's pores

    Oh! Anddd reviewers say they use this as a step in their double cleansing routine. What the heck is that, you may ask? Well, double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice — first with an oil-based cleanser, and then again with a water-based cleanser to help get all the gross stuff out of your pores.

    Promising reviews: "This is my first time ordering an oil-based cleanser and I’m so glad I purchased this one. I originally saw this product on TikTok and wanted to see what the hype was all about. After using the cleanser on my dry face for 2–3 minutes, I could visibly see the blackheads on my fingers. I was a little hesitant to try oil cleansing because I have acne-prone skin, however, my face has never looked better. After each use, my face is as soft as a baby's bottom and my scarring doesn’t look as deep! The cleanser has a light clean scent. Not super strong! I am currently pairing this cleanser with the Anua heartleaf soothing toner to achieve glass skin. #glassskinera" —Myshel Cagle

    "I can't live without this cleansing oil, it's magic in a bottle. This is the only thing that's been able to clear the sebaceous filaments on my nose after consistent use daily!! It also helps the milia/filaments under my eyes too! LOVE ITTTTT, WHO LET ME LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT DOUBLE CLEANSING AT NIGHT?" —Sarah Coleman

    Get it from Amazon for $17.69.

    5. weeding tool so you can rid your greenery of those pesky plants without putting a strain on your back or knees. 

    Gif showing how you press it into the ground where the weed is, then lean the handle at an angle (which pulls up the weed), until you pull the whole weed out

    Grampa's Weeder is a family-owned small biz that sells tools to make weeding easier!

    Promising review: "I saw this tool used on TikTok, so we decided to try it out. It works really well — is not difficult to get to the root of the weed, and is fairly simple to use, as well. We would recommend this tool to anyone who finds it difficult to do the crouching required to pull weeds." —Mary 

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

    6. A pair of exfoliating mittens, an at-home K-beauty treatment that provides a gentle yet efficient way of exfoliating your skin. This mitten will gently lift away your dead skin gifting you with wow-worthy results after just one use.

    7. Self-heating Dr. Scholl's foot masks in case you're looking to give your tootsies a little rest and relaxation. Epsom salt, lavender, and peppermint combine to penetrate your feet to leave them feeling relaxed, moisturized, and smooth.  

    Small pouch with two foot masks in it
    Feet propped up with two metallic foot masks on them
    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    Check them out on TikTok

    BuzzFeeder Emma Lord says, "I'm a long-ish distance runner, and these were certainly an interesting experience for my feet! You slide them on and, after a few minutes, feel a tingling, mildly burning (in a good way) sensation. It doesn't quite numb your feet, but it relaxes them. I kept them on for 30 minutes and then toweled my feet off, and the tingling sensation slowly faded over the next 30 minutes. After that, my feet felt refreshed and relaxed at a time of day when they're usually aching from all the miles I put in. The whole thing was a mess-free, easy process, and I will definitely keep them on hand for longer run days!" 

    Promising review: "Very soothing. My husband and l used these on our European vacation, and they definitely felt good on our feet!" —KS2018

    Get a set of three pairs from Amazon for $11.97

    8. weekly, bleach-free shower spray so you can spray and forget your shower, letting the cleaner do the work for you. Reviewers say it can take on big jobs and is definitely worth the buy.👇🏽

    Promising review: "I really didn't believe the reviews that said you can spray it on shower soap scum, then come back in a day and the soap scum is gone. But that's exactly how this magical liquid works. I had a shower that was badly soap scummed, so I sprayed a good amount of this Wet/Forget stuff and left (this is a house we were moving out of). When I came back a few days later, the tiles looked like a brand-new shower. I now spray my shower once a week, and I'm pretty sure I will never see soap scum again. Whoever invented this stuff deserves an award." —Far Left Texas

    Get it from Amazon for $20.98.

    9. A fungal nail renewal pen ready to restore your toenails to their former glory. The pen reduces discoloration and thickness, as well as restore moisture to peeling brittle nails.

    Promising review: "I have used Kerasal for three days, and fungal [damage] is 95% gone! Very-easy-to-use dispenser that eliminates mess during application. You can apply yourself effortlessly. Gonna tell other family members with toenail problems about this! I would give it 10 stars if there was room!!!" —Dennis Downing

    Get it from Amazon for $19.28.

    10. A denture cleaner because, let's be for real, we don't remember the last time we've actually cleaned that retainer. And, it's probably starting to taste like it could use a good cleaning. No judgments, just add this to cart.

    11. An airplane seat back organizer for long flights where you want to keep all your essentials within arm's reach instead of constantly crossing over other passengers to get your items out of the overhead bin. 

    Travel accessories and a plush toy on an airplane seat tray for comfort and organization
    Airplane seat back pocket filled with personal items and a product logo

    Promising review: "Very useful especially when traveling with kids. Provided easy access and storage to things like water bottle, hand sanitizer, snacks, wipes, headphones. I didn't have to access my carry-on." —JJ

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    12. A pair of oversized sunnies with more than 17,000 5-star reviews ready to shield you from the harsh rays on summer's hottest days. They come in so many colors, you can cop a pair to go with every outfit.

    Woman in sunglasses with a partial view of a boy behind her. She smiles, wearing a casual shirt and backpack

    13. A Revlon hot air brush that'll shave major minutes off the amount of time it takes to transform your wet hair into a Zoom-ready, salon-approved style.

    Reviewer who has straightened hair of their tight curly hair with the hot air brush
    Another reviewer with natural curly hair
    The same reviewer with their hair straightened with the hot air brush

    Promising review: "First-time review and it’s because I’m so happy with this dryer/styler! My hair is about shoulder length, very fine with a slight curl, and now it has some gray to it. It’s also frizzy, no matter what I use. I’m 61-years-old so trust me, I’ve used a lot of products! Never have I been able to get my hair to look like it did after leaving the salon, EXCEPT after using this. I watched some YouTube videos first for some pointers, and then I gave it a try. It’s easy to use, even though it’s bigger than I thought it would be. My hair came out beautiful! Smooth, soft, no frizz, and lots of volume. Hope this review helps you, anyone out there who has similar hair!" —Anon anon

    Get it from Amazon for $37.97+ (available in four colors).

    14. hanging legging organizer because you probably have so many leggings that when you pull one from the drawer, three more pop out. Now you can hang them up in the closet and free up space for that stack of graphic tees in the corner.  

    reviewer photo of two curved hangers with 10 clips on them to hold a 10 pairs of leggings
    another reviewer photo of 10 pairs of leggings hanging on the organizer