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    20 Target TikTok Products That You Can Actually Consider A Responsible Purchase

    Look at me; I'm adulting. 😀

    1. A Rubbermaid scrubber reviewers say will get the dirt out of your nooks and crannies quick, and with great results. You can finally scrub out that old conditioner that's chilling in the corner of your shower.

    someone scrubbing tile grouts with the scrubber

    2. A seven-day Makeup Eraser set so you can be sure to remove all of your makeup before diving into your routine. These wonder cloths can remove your makeup with JUST water. They're easy to wash and ready to reuse.

    the makeup eraser cloths

    3. A flying insect trap because there's nothing more annoying than tiny little bugs flying around you when you're trying to eat a Hot Pocket.

    the fly trap plugged into the wall and a refill cartridge to show the sticky backside that catches the bugs

    4. A microfiber spin mop reviewers say makes mopping quick and easy and helps the floors dry faster, too. Quick dry floors means you can quickly tackle this chore and move on to the next thing on your to-do list.

    someone mopping their kitchen floor with the spin mop

    5. A Revlon volcanic face roller for soaking up excess oil. If you're tired of carrying those blotting papers, try this! It can be used on a clean or made-up face. Yes, you can use it on your finished face without it messing up your makeup.

    a product shot of the revlon roller

    6. A pack of pimple patches because these on-the-go pimple fighters can work on your breakouts while you break through the rest of your busy day (or even better, while you sleep).

    the mighty patches that come with 12 per sheet

    7. A detangling brush if washday is your least favorite day because of the hours it takes you to detangle your hair. It's made for all — and I do mean all — hair types. Reviewers say you'll never go back.

    a before and after of a model who used the brush

    8. A nifty car seat buckle release tool because you love that the car seat buckle is so secure but you'd also like to be able to get your kid out of it, too. As a top-tier aunt, I've bruised many a fingers trying to release my nieces and nephews from their car seat. With this little tool, you can save your fingers and your manicure, too.

    9. A Scrub Daddy soap-dispensing dish wand that is the sensation you've come to love but now even more convenient. Oh, and don't just stop at the dishes — reviewers let this daddy scrub all over the home, including the bathroom!

    someone using the scrub daddy wand to clean a bowl

    10. A fabric defuzzer that'll shave off all of those little fuzz balls you can't seem to get rid of, leaving you with gloves that look good as new.

    a model using the defuzzer on a sweater

    11. A bottle of nail and cuticle repair oil made with a blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to moisturize your cuticles and condition your nails, making them strong while keeping your cuticles soft.

    a model holding a bottle of the cuticle oil

    12. A pack of ear candles that are ready to be added to your self-care routine. The gentle warm air and soothing sounds that funnel through the candle offer a relaxing atmosphere that helps you to destress.

    the ear wax candles

    13. A four-drawer organizer that'll instantly maximize the storage space in your pad. It's simple to put together and the drawers make accessing your belongings even more convenient. It's also the perfect size to slide into a closet.

    the four drawer white organizer

    14. A bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser fabric spray because waking up in the morning and forgetting that you didn't iron your work shirt has become an unfortunate routine. Now, you can get rid of those wrinkles without pulling out the iron or steamer.

    someone spraying the spray on a wrinkled shirt

    15. A mini gel nail polish kit in an adorably shaped macaron that's sure to become your favorite travel accessory. Imagine being able to secure your mani and pedi regardless of where you are. Welcome to the future.

    16. A bottle of Being Frenshe hair, body, and linen mist that reviewers say is a godsend for people who love to smell amazing without breaking the budget. Plus, you can use it on your body, hair, and linens. Did you just create a signature scent? 🤯

    17. A microfiber sponge ideal for making your foundation stretch further by gifting you with flawless application and effortless blending. People will think you have a personal makeup artist on payroll.

    the sponge in blue

    18. A pack of Crest 3D White Strips in case you want those pearly whites to actually be white instead of 50 shades of beige.

    the crest  whitening strip pack

    19. A makeup brush shampoo perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges without leaving behind residue. It's also cruelty-free and vegan.

    someone pouring the shampoo on a makeup brush

    20. A can of fume-free oven cleaner you should consider using because you never really pay attention to the inside of your oven and it's starting to look as bad as Tiffany Valentine after burning up in Bride of Chucky.

    the oven cleaner product shot

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