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    37 Products That Work So Well, I Wish I Invented Them Myself

    Kudos to the creators of these products.

    1. A bottle Glossier Solution for a vegan, cruelty-free secret weapon that'll “unglue” dead skin, give your complexion a smoother, softer look, and enhance your natural glow.

    a before and after photo of a person who used the solution

    2. A fabric defuzzer that'll shave off all of those little fuzz balls you can't seem to get rid of, leaving you with gloves that look good as new.

    3. A cleaning concentrate for one product to rule them all. This concentrate can replace half of the bottles of cleaner stashed underneath your sink. Dilute with water and use it on your dishes, kitchen surfaces, floors, laundry, bathroom surfaces, windows, mirrors, kids toys, and more.

    bottles of the concentrate in lavender, mint, and free and clear scents

    4. An ink remover, because if you had to buy a new chair every time your little one decided to create a Bob Ross masterpiece, you'd have to start pulling from their college fund.

    5. A hair broom and squeegee perfect for pet owners with furry friends who shed a lot. You can scrape up all that hair effortlessly, and clean up liquid spills, too.

    what the broom scraped up

    6. A setting spray complete with SPF 50 for a matte finish that reduces shine and leaves your skin with a soft focus effect.

    7. An Always Pan from Our Place that'll easily become your best kitchen accessory. Your other pans will thank you for the break, while this one pan does all the heavy lifting. They don't call it the "Always Pan" for nothing.

    8. A magnetic meal planner with meal sheets on one side and a grocery list on the other. After you've made your plan, you can write down the groceries you need. The sheets are perforated so you can tear the grocery list and take it with you to the store.

    A hand tearing away one of the grocery list sheets

    9. A restoring serum made with powerful antioxidants to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin, increase firmness, and improve the clarity and overall tone of your skin.

    10. A foot file that'll remove the hard callused surface skin on your feet just in time for sandal weather. 🏖️

    11. A pair of lace leak-proof Knix panties you don't have to worry about ruining when on your period because that's what they're made for.

    the lace leak-proof panties in black

    12. A Migrastil migraine stick complete with the cooling relief of essential oils peppermint, spearmint, and lavender. Just roll it on your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck when you sense a migraine coming — you know, like after you receive that fifth redundant work email.

    13. A black pepper and spice grinder reviewers say not only grinds their favorites in a matter of seconds, but is also visually stunning and adds a unique piece of decor to their kitchen space. It also comes with an adorable mini spoon.

    the black pepper and spice grinder

    14. A pair of silicone ear grips to add extra support to your AirPods so you don't have to worry about losing one of them in a pile of clothes while doing laundry.

    the silicon ear grips in blue

    15. A reusable heating pad perfect for end-of-day relaxation. Just pop it into the microwave at 15 second intervals until it arrives at your desired temperature to melt away the tech neck.

    Six of the patterned heaters

    16. A single-cup coffee maker for coffee-lovers who don't always need a full pot of coffee, or who like to switch up flavors throughout the day. It's also great for tea lovers, too.

    the single cup coffee maker

    17. A few sheets of LED-dimming stickers, a godsend for light sleepers who can't seem to fall asleep with that annoying router light shining so bright.

    a before of a bright light shining and an after of the light not so bright because of the dimmer sticker

    18. A Tushy bidet attachment to truly feel springtime fresh after a session in the restroom. You can easily attach it to your own toilet and shoot a stream of water on your derrière after you poop — so fancy. 💩

    19. An easy-to-use jewelry cleaning brush so you don't have to hide that ring in the box because it doesn't sparkle like it used to. This jewelry cleaning brush can make it look showroom new.

    a before and after of a ring thats cloudy and then a ring that sparkles clear

    20. A Bluetooth tracker made from recycled fishnets that you can attach to a variety of things to help you keep track of your essential items like your keys. And, its compatible with Google, Siri, and Alexa.

    the bluetooth tracker

    21. A Billie razor that'll leave your body feeling silky smooth for the times that you want to shave. It's a pretty bathroom accessory for the times you don't.

    The razor

    22. An odor-eliminating candle just begging to rid your house of the stale ~WFH~ scent that happened from being stuck indoors for so long. It's especially effective for getting rid of pet odors.

    the candle

    23. A washable sponge with bold designs that'll bring a little fun to your kitchen. If you're making more eco-friendly changes in your household, this sponge could be a great addition. Just pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher and it's ready to reuse again.

    24. A tube of e.l.f. glitter eyeshadow to swipe across your eye for instant glam. It would be a shame not to capture this look in a selfie. 🤳🏽

    25. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner because no one really knows how to clean a garbage disposal so this takes all the guesswork out of it and leaves you with a lemony fresh cent afterwards.

    26. A pair of waterproof pet leggings so your furry friend can be protected from dirt and germs during their afternoon stroll. Or, snag a pair of indoor leggings to give them more support while trotting across your hardwood floors.

    a dog wearing the waterproof pet leggings

    27. A jar opener to never let a lid stand in the way of you and your peanut butter ever again.

    28. A remote control caddy so you won't have to spend your binge-watching time searching for the remote that slipped in between the cushions.

    the beige caddy on the arm of a couch

    29. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets, that'll dissolve dirt and get rid of odor-causing residue and buildup inside your dishwasher.

    30. A beeswax wood polisher to breathe new life into your furniture. Now, when people ask if you got new furniture, you can respond with "You mean this old thing?" And, actually mean it!

    31. A silicone freezing tray that'll make meal prep that much easier by helping you separate your soups or pasta sauces in perfect 1-cup compartments.

    32. A webcam sliding cover so won't be filled with anxiety every time you log on to a work call afraid that you forgot to check the "turn video off" box.

    33. An ingenious bag holder that'll make sure your food actually makes it inside the bag instead of all over the counter.

    34. A set of shower curtain clips to hang your curtain so you can keep your shower water inside the shower.

    35. A six-pack of nontoxic moth traps, to get rid of those moths before they infiltrate your cabinets and closets. These traps will solve that problem in a matter of days.

    photos to show how many moths the trap caught within thirteen days and there are a lot

    36. A screen cleaner kit because let's get real for a moment — you probably haven't cleaned your computer screen since you bought it. Say goodbye to smudges and streaks and hello to clarity.

    37. A hanger stacker that'll not only make you look like the most organized person ever, it'll also save you tons of room in your closet.

    a before photo of a stack of hangers messy in a bin and an after photo of hangers stacked neatly on the rack

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