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    If Your Pet Could Write A Shopping List, These 41 Things Would Be On It

    Your pet could use a little pick-me-up.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A coconut hut so your crested gecko can hide away imagining that they're on a tropical island getaway. It can also be used as a fun food and treat dispenser.

    2. An airline-approved collapsible soft travel carrier with two entrances including a top opening so your furbaby can poke their head out and enjoy the view.

    3. A cat teaser toy featuring Mary, one of the famous Sanderson sisters from the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. Remember the scene where Mary was forced to ride a vacuum because there were no more brooms? Time for a rewatch with your feline movie buddy. 📺🍿

    4. A pair of dog nail trimmers with a comfy nonslip grip that'll help you keep steady during the nail trimming, so there will be fewer chances of painful accidents that hurt doggy. There's a backing on the trimmers as well, so you clip just the right amount.

    a reviewer holding the dog nail clippers

    5. Or, a nail file board for the dog who hates to get their nails trimmed. This will not only act as an emery board for your dog, but it'll also save your home furnishings if your dog likes to scratch.

    6. A pouch of all natural dog treats made with fiber-rich chunky sweet potato and chicken that's been slow smoked for maximum flavor. Every pooch deserves a savory snack. 🐾

    7. A subscription to Dog TV — with all of the streaming channels available now, it was only a matter of time before they created one for pets, too. This content is specifically designed to keep your dog relaxed, calmed, and entertained. Now you'll have to duke it out over the remote to see who gets to watch their favorite show first.

    Dog sitting on bed and looking at laptop

    8. A colorful scratcher board to help keep their claws trimmed and maintained. They'd much rather scratch this than your living room accent chair. And, its shape contours to your cat's natural stretching and flexing.

    9. A portable paw cleaner because your puppy loves outdoor fun but also likes to keep their paws clean, too. Now puppy can have all the fun without leaving traces of it all over the house or your car.

    10. A dog water bottle you can clip onto their leash so they can stay hydrated while they join you for your morning workout session. And yes, this is the same doggy water bottle from TikTok.

    11. A Furbo camera so your pet will feel loved even when you're at work or out running errands. You can monitor them from your smart device, and toss them a treat to give them a little reminder that they're loved and you'll be home soon.

    12. A critter pod because tiny pets like their privacy sometimes, too. This hideout allows your rat, hamster, or other mini animal to nest, burrow, or just hang out.

    a mouse inside the critter pod hanging in a cage

    13. A pack of matatabi chew sticks that your kitty will not only enjoy because they're fun and delicious, but they'll also help to improve their dental health. It's also a good catnip alternative.

    cat chewing on the stick

    14. A bearded dragon harness with wings that'll transform your pet lizard into one of Khaleesi's dragon children. Now, off to Casterly Rock. #Dracarys 🔥

    bearded dragon with wings and leash

    15. An Aladdin-inspired toy because your pet often has Disney magic-filled dreams of going ~soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky.~ You can place the smaller toys inside of the lamp for a fun game of hide-and-seek.

    a dog playing with a plush lamp and small genie, raja, and magic carpet toys

    16. A bag of fluffy, shredded substrate so your snake can slither around, nesting and burrowing the same way they would out in the wild.

    The substrate, which is light-colored and fluffy

    17. An elevated dog bed with a canopy so your pupper can enjoy a good lounge during the family barbecue and not overheat outside. You can use it on your patio or use it indoors to give your pet another ~hangout~ where they can chill and maybe have a friend over.

    18. A roomy doggie travel bag featuring two food carriers, a placemat, and two silicone collapsible bowls. It's large enough to store all of your little rascal's essentials with room to spare for a few of yours too.

    a diagram that shows the features of the dog backpack

    19. A stash of rice pops made of 100% edible rice and corn that are basically Cheetos puffs for critters. They're a good must-have to help wear down the teeth on your tiny pets.

    20. A top-entry litter box because your pet prefers not to track litter all over their play area. This litter box helps keep the litter actually in the box as well as keeping other pets out.

    21. Or, a self-cleaning litter box that'll automatically rake the solid waste your pet leaves behind. It even has a sensor that can tell when your pet is still inside of the litter box. The waste trap is covered, reducing odor and keeping the waste out of sight.

    Reviewer photo of the purple domed litter box with two kittens

    22. A year-round paw protection cream to protect against the scorching concrete and simmering sandy beaches. Made with vitamin E and beeswax, the cream acts as a barrier or invisible boot for your pet's paws. Just apply a little to your pet's paw pads and in between their toes before heading out.

    23. A doggie doorbell so Rover can communicate when it's time for them to go potty. Instead of scratching or barking at the door, they can ring the doorbell to let you know they gotta go.

    Dog using its nose to push a yellow disc on the doorbell

    24. A small turtle tank, because it's practically a studio apartment for a baby turtle. It has everything your shelled friend would want — room to eat; a place to bask, explore, and swim. It's OK to be jealous that their place looks cooler than your apartment.

    25. A video game-inspired scratcher so kitty can game just as hard as you do. No actual games included but there are bell balls inside, which can be equally as entertaining for a cat.

    A cat on top of the video game scratcher

    26. A fruit tart pet bed that your pet will be incredibly ~grape-ful~ for when looking for something cozy to curl up in, which can help anxious pets feel more secure.

    BuzzFeed editor's photo of their cat sitting in the fruit tart bed

    27. A training toy you can spread peanut butter on to encourage the pup to spend time in their crate. They'll even start to actually enjoy it. It gives them something to do as well as a delicious treat, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

    28. A splurge-worthy dog crate credenza that'll not only elevate the traditional pet bed but also add a decor upgrade to your space. It blends right into the home beautifully.

    a dog stepping out of the dog crate credenza and the credenza has books a record player and plants on top of it

    29. A liquid tartar remover to take the hassle out of keeping up with your pet's dental hygiene. This formula helps to treat bad breath in both cats and dogs, while reducing plaque and tartar buildup and helping promote healthy gums.

    30. A pineapple bird toy, because your feathered friend gets stressed out too. Perfect for lovebirds, parrots, parakeets, finches, cockatoos, cockatiels, canaries, budgies, macaws, and more — this toy will keep your bird entertained, relieve stress, and provide them with mental stimulation. And you can add snacks in between the spaces to encourage your birdie to forage.

    31. A chew toy set in case your dog likes toys but also wants to make the fashion. The bundle includes three great toys that'll be a hit during your next trip to the park: triangle tug, twist toss, and bolt bite.

    32. A Starbarks plush toy for the dog who loves PSL season just as much as you do. They'll cherish this coffee-inspired plush toy in between pup cups at the local café.

    33. A pair of waterproof pet leggings as seen on Shark Tank, so your furry friend can be protected from dirt and germs during their afternoon stroll. Or snag a pair of indoor leggings to give them more support while trotting across your hardwood floors.

    a dog wearing the waterproof pet leggings

    34. An automatic laser toy so they can have as much entertainment as they want without you bailing in the middle of the fun because your arms are tired. It's a win-win situation.

    a small black cat chasing the laser from the white, standing laser pointer

    35. A set of stacking cups that you can hide treats in for added fun for your buns. They'll love playing, nudging, and throwing these little cups around.

    36. A pet onesie on the days when your pet doesn't feel like rolling out of bed. Some reviewers have said that these cute little onesies have helped reduced anxiety in their pets.