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    27 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Would Never Buy For Herself, But Will End Up Cherishing

    You know them best, and you know they'll love these gifts.

    Hi shoppers! At this point, it's likely that some gifts may not arrive in time for 5/14: it all depends on the retailer, the item, where you live, and how much $$$ you're willing to spend on expedited shipping.

    So please enjoy our gift ideas, but understand that, for many of these items, you'll have to simply let your loved one know that their gift may be arriving *later*. 

    1. An infinity picture frame perfect for upgrading the display of their favorite photo which, just throwing it out there, probably has a picture of you inside of it. Tip: Throw in your favorite photo of the two of you or ticket stubs to a memorable concert before wrapping it for a more sentimental gift.

    2. An E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial visual history book reviewers say is hands down the best gift to give to mom if they've been a fan of this classic Speilberg film or just love diving into the behind-the-scenes of film projects.

    the book

    3. A Dalí clock for a surrealist piece of decor reminiscent of Dalí's famous painting that creates the illusion of ~melting time~. It will bless their home with a conversation piece that'll probably start something like, "Oh this? I got it for Mother's Day."

    Reviewer's Dali clock is displayed on a bookcase

    4. A murder mystery puzzle book just begging to be unwrapped by your true crime-obsessed mom. It's a whodunit book beautifully illustrated and packed with 20 mysterious cases ready to be solved 🕵🏽.

    a page in the murder mystery book

    5. A set of white quinoa, blush pink salt, and amaranth to treat them to a taste of Peru. Even after they've enjoyed the bounty, they'll be able to reuse the artisanal handwoven bags.

    6. A screaming goat that'll shriek whenever they touch it, which is basically an outward display of their inner frustrations when you don't answer their phone call. So now when they feel stressed out and want to scream, Billy (which isn't actually its name but seems like it fits) can scream for them.

    The screaming goat and a mini booklet of screaming goats

    7. A Beverly Hills 90210 box set for your '90s mama who devoured every bit of drama that unfolded in these 293 episodes. Rewatch the series with them and let them tell you about the good ol' days.

    the box set

    8. A playful strawberry or orange juice planter that'll add some charming personality to their kitchen or living room table.

    9. A top 100 anime films scratch off poster — they know you love anime but haven't found a proper introduction into the genre.

    the scratch off poster

    10. An original Tamagotchi — a nostalgic toy that'll take them back to when the only thing they'd have to raise was this digital pet especially since you're all grown up.

    11. A pack of stash scrunchies complete with a secret compartment that they can use to hold loose cash, a lip balm, and a few bobby pins in a safe and secure way.

    12. A portable charger reviewers say charges super fast. And, it has extra ports so they can share their charge with while shopping at the outlets.

    13. A 3D-effect essential-oil-diffusing LED light — a waterless diffuser that changes into seven different colors that's just as effective as it is mesmerizing 😵‍💫.

    14. A Bridgerton-inspired cookbook featuring recipes inspired by Netflix's most-watched original series. Added tip: Plan to make a few of these recipes during a slumber party with Mom where you'll binge Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

    15. A Bluetooth tracker because sometimes they can barely remember what day it is let alone where they left their phone. They can put this tracker on anything never to be lost again.

    the bluetooth tracker on a keychain

    16. A modern acrylic vase you can give them with their favorite flower. A simple yet exquisite design, every time they drop in a new floral arrangement they'll think of you.

    17. A small but mighty portable mini Bluetooth speaker they can slide into their bag or clip onto their bag to elevate their next lunch break or power walk through the neighborhood

    a reviewer photo of the bluetooth speaker

    18. Or, an LG portable wireless speaker for the mom worth the splurge who's always ready to dance it out. The speaker is omnidirectional and fills the space with sound. It's the perfect gift for the ~cool mom~ who is always the life of the party.

    the speaker on a table surrounded by people at a party

    19. An Apple Watch stand from their gamer days. They can insert their apple watch so it can display all of their info when they're not wearing it, and it'll charge at the same time.

    The Apple Watch stand designed to look like the old Game Boy

    20. A DIY neon-style sign kit, a completely unnecessary item that'll light up their day, literally. It comes with up to 9 feet of bendable light-up wire that can also be a gift for the mom who already has everything.

    21. An Echo Auto to take their true bestie, Alexa, on the road with them. They can have Alexa play music, check the news, add notes to their to-do lists, make calls, and more, taking their ~hands-free~ power to the next level.

    People in a car saying "Alexa, start my Road Trip playlist"

    22. A space pen that can write underwater. That's it, that's the explanation on why this is an amazing gift. Sure, I don't know exactly why they waited until being in a pool to do their work, but to each their own. It can also write in extreme temperatures, zero gravity, and at an angle. So basically, if your mom is a secret spy, this pen is just their type. *giggles*

    The metal and rainbow-colored pen displayed on a table

    23. A wall-mounted rainy pot that'll rain over their plants keeping them nice and hydrated.

    24. A deck of black foil playing cards sure to make the next game of speed ridiculously difficult so you might actually have a chance to win.

    reviewer holding the deck of cards

    25. Weird Parenting Wins, a realistic and funny book filled with honest parenting hacks from how to get your kids to tell the truth to discovering "The Art of Getting Your Kid to Act Like a Person." It's basically a book of cheat codes for parents trying to beat the next level of parenting. I wonder which codes they've used on you... 🤔

    Weird Parenting Wins

    26. A caffeinated butt mask ideal for moms always looking to take self-care to the next level. Face mask? Got it. Foot mask? Got it. Now they can take care of their derriere. Check!

    model wearing the mask on their butt that reads slap on one cheek and it on the other cheek

    27. A guided questions journal in case they've wanted to incorporate more mindfulness into their life but claim they're so busy. With this guided journal, all they need is two minutes a day.

    Two Minute Mornings journal

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