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    35 Kitchen Products Under $25 That Are 100% Worth The Money

    Inexpensive yet effective — now that's what I'm talking about.

    1. An electric egg cooker so while your ~scrambling~ to get ready in the morning, your breakfast can be done in a matter of minutes. It can poach, scramble, boil, or make an omelet.

    an electric egg cooker filled with eggs next to a plate of deviled eggs

    2. A stainless-steel bar in case you've ever prepared a delicious meal only to be disgusted the rest of the night because you couldn't get the smell of garlic off of your fingers.

    a hand holding the stainless steel bar over a kitchen sink

    3. An Animal Crossing cookie cutter that'll be a hit when all the littles come wandering into the kitchen looking for a tasty treat.

    4. A multipurpose bag holder perfect for people who live by themselves and don't have an extra set of hands.

    5. A silicone whisk ideal if you're worried about it possibly scratching your favorite mixing bowl or pot.

    the whisk being used in a bowl of batter

    6. Or a manual food chopper to easily chop up ground turkey, fruits, or vegetables without having to dirty up a bunch of other kitchen tools.

    7. A tea bag organizer that'll miraculously restore much-needed space in your cabinet now that you can get rid of those four boxes of tea that really only had a few tea bags in each one.

    a photo set displaying the inside of a kitchen cabinet before and after having the tea bag organizer installed

    8. A bacon sponge designed to drain grease from fried food after cooking. You can blot your bacon with this un-paper towel to replace paper towels and reduce waste. It'll probably work on fried chicken, too.

    pile of bacon on the cloth

    9. A microwave pasta cooker to pretty much make your dreams come true because it lets you make the perfect al dente pasta in the microwave. Your dinner guests will never know. Now top it with some sauce and serve it up!

    A model holds the Fasta Pasta, a rectangular container with cooked pasta inside, over a sink as they strain the water out

    10. A 5-in-1 unitool so you have a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool whenever you need it. You can go from one dish to the next without having to switch it up.

    11. A silicone spoon spatula, or should I say a ~spoontula.~ This nifty tool can withstand high heat so you can use it to before and during cooking.

    the silicone spoon spatula scooping mixed vegetables out of a pan

    12. A spaghetti measure because even after reading the instructions, no one really knows exactly how much spaghetti to throw in the pot. The math is hard. This makes it so much easier.

    A person holding pasta inside the spaghetti measure

    13. A pre-seasoned Lodge cast-iron skillet, a must-have kitchen staple that'll pretty much make everything you cook taste better.

    salmon and asparagus sitting in the cast-iron skillet

    14. A nonstick fluted tube pan to help large cakes bake faster and release easily after they've been baked for an Insta-worthy dessert.

    15. A stain-resistant Japanese steel chef's knife with an ergonomic handle for a better grip and added comfort.

    a chef slicing a tomato with the Japanese steel knife

    16. A compact mini donut maker for a bite-sized treats. Imagine a world where you can have fresh donuts sitting atop your kitchen counter at all times 🤤.

    17. A two-stage knife sharpener to keep your blades sharp for all of the chopping and dicing you'll be doing in the future.

    a knife being sharpened

    18. A clip-on strainer that'll attach to your pot and make it that much easier to drain your pasta. And yes, you may wonder how anyone could possibly mess up draining pasta — from personal experience, it is possible.

    a pot of pasta being strained over a sink with the snap-on colander

    19. A one-handed spice and pepper grinder perfect for adding freshly ground spices to your meal.

    the grinder with freshly ground spices in front of it

    20. A silicone grip — a multipurpose item that can be whatever you need it to be: a potholder, a coaster, a jar opener, or a trivet.

    a photo set displaying all of the different uses for the trivet

    21. A handheld veggie slicer to help you make homemade zoodles for days when you want 'em fresh instead of store bought.

    a cucumber being spiralized with the veggie slicer

    22. Or, a *super*-compact 8-in-1 spiralizer ideal for people who are interested in making more than zoodles. This tiny wonder can transform your veggies into pasta perfection, grate cheese, and juice your favorite fruits in a matter of seconds.

    23. A pack of dish cloths that'll last three times longer than sponges.

    four yellow dishcloths

    24. A wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser so you keep all of your bags in one place and have easy access to them. Now, you won't have to spend 20 minutes searching the floor of the pantry for that one last lonely bag.

    a hand removing a bag from the bag dispenser

    25. An inexpensive cold brew maker that BuzzFeed can't stop raving about — in case you, too would like to make tasty iced coffee in the comfort of your own home.

    26. A set of color-coded cutting boards with an icon to identify which food to cut on which mat that also makes it easier to avoid cross contamination.

    27. A super straightforward waffle maker, a tool you probably feel you don't need until you actually get one.

    a freshly made waffle being removed from the waffle maker

    28. A pancake batter dispenser sure to make you the ruler of hotcake perfection. You'll ~wow~ with your next set of pancakes, waffles, crepes, and more, as long as you get the measurements right. You can also use it to dispense cake batter, too.

    29. A manual food chopper you can use to quickly chop up fruit, veggies, garlic, onion, herbs, and nuts. It's a manual, yes, but it's not labor intensive. Just pull the cord and your food will be chopped in no time.

    a pair of hands using the food chopper

    30. A book stand that'll keep your cookbook open and in place while you're hands-deep into your new recipe.

    31. A digital food thermometer if you've sliced your poor steak to death trying to make sure every part of it is cooked thoroughly. Just stick this thermometer in to check the temp and save your steak from further dismemberment.

    32. A Partyclette for cheese lovers to saturate their favorite foods with freshly melted cheese. Your next picnic just leveled up.

    33. A trio pan that'll let you try out three different lasagna recipes at one time, which pretty much makes it a must-have for meal preppers.

    a reviewer photo with three different types of lasagna in the pan after baking

    34. A set of reusable nonstick oven liners because anything that makes kitchen cleanup easier is an automatic must-have. The best thing about these oven liners is that they're dishwasher safe. It's easier to pop this in the washer than to deep-clean your entire oven.

    A pie in oven dripping oils onto sleek oven liner

    35. An adjustable measuring cup so you can switch back and forth between measurements without having to look for the 1/4-cup tool that somehow got lost in the drawer.

    A hand pouring oil out of the cylindrical measuring cup, which features precise measurements etched on the side

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