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    29 Kitchen Items To Consider If You're Ready To Try Cooking Again

    If at first you don't succeed, and at second it's even worse, just dust yourself off and try again.

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    1. A jar-opening gadget to help you crack open that jar of pasta sauce with little to no effort. You can affix this under your cabinets, so it's perfect for small kitchens where storage space is limited. It'll come in especially handy if you're following a Tasty video and need your jar opened quickly before the next step in the recipe.

    a reviewer photo of someone demonstrating how to use the jar opener with a mason jar

    2. A strainer that'll clip onto your pot and make it that much easier to drain your pasta. And yes, you may wonder how anyone could possibly mess up draining pasta — from personal experience, it is possible.

    a reviewer photo of someone straining a pot of pasta

    3. A 7-piece cookware set because nothing inspires you to give cooking another try like needing an excuse to use your beautiful new nonstick ceramic pan. This cookware set has everything you need to make a variety of dishes,

    4. A sushi making kit — ambitious, I know — but imagine how fancy you'll feel when set out your perfect rolls.

    5. An automatic pan stirrer with a timer perfect for people who have ruined many meals by getting sidetracked by TikTok videos. You can set a timer for this stirrer so you can have less chance of your food burning.

    the automatic stirrer in a pan

    6. A Chefman air fryer that makes for the perfect set it and forget it kitchen device. Add your ingredients, set the temp and a timer, and let the air fryer do the rest of the work. (Pssst, there are so many recipes on Tasty!)

    the air fryer with the tray pulled out to show freshly made golden brown potatoes

    7. A mess-free storage bin with a spout because I, too, am one of those people who spills rice all over the counter every time. This container is clutch because not only does it have an easy pour spout, but it also comes with a measuring cup.

    8. Some silicone stretch lid covers if you want a reusable solution for your leftovers because cooking in bulk makes it easier to meal prep.

    a bowl with the stretch lid on the left and on the right is a bowl with plastic wrap that is not holding tight like the stretch lid

    9. An angry mama microwave cleaner for when the "soften butter" instruction goes horribly wrong. Just fill mama with water and vinegar, and pop her in the microwave. She'll get mad, blow her top, and leave your microwave looking brand new. Ready to try that butter again?

    10. An extra-large spatula that'll wow your in-laws the next time they come over for a visit and you plate their perfect salmon in one piece.

    Hand using the blue extra-large spatula to flip an omelette and a piece of salmon

    11. A splurge-worthy Chef iQ smart pressure cooker featuring a lot of really fancy features so you can go from PB&J cook into a top chef that can pressure cook, slow cook, sear/sauté, steam, and more. It has a built in scale to help you measure ingredients as well as an auto release that'll let the steam out when it's done cooking.

    12. A silicone freezing tray to make meal prep that much easier by helping you separate your soups or pasta sauces in perfect 1-cup compartments.

    13. A pancake batter mixer and dispenser complete with a wire whisk blender ball for easy smooth, less clumpy batter. You'll ~wow~ with your next set of pancakes, waffles, crepes, and more, as long as you get the measurements right.

    the pancake batter mixer and dispenser with batter inside next to a skillet with freshly poured batter cooking into pancakes on the stove

    14. And speaking of measurements, a set of nesting measuring cups so you can add the exact amount of ingredients, getting you that much closer to becoming the next Top Chef.

    the nesting measuring cups

    15. A trio pan that'll let you try out three different lasagna recipes at one time.

    a reviewer photo with three different types of lasagna in the pan after baking

    16. A spill stopper to catch all the water that boils over your pot. No more rushing around to find something to wipe the counters with, or trying to scoop out the water with your company coffee mug.

    The spill stopper in red on top of a pot on a stove with water boiling inside, illustrating that it will not boil over

    17. A vegetable slicer because despite the number of tutorials you've watched, cutting veggies just isn't your strong suit and that's completely okay.

    A sliced food

    18. A microwave pasta maker to pretty much make your dreams come true because it lets you make the perfect al dente pasta in the microwave. Your dinner guests will never know. Now top it with some sauce and serve it up!

    19. A pair of bear claws so you don't have to struggle to shred your meat with your dinner forks. Instead, you can pretend you're an alpha on Teen Wolf and use these claws to rip your meat to shreds, literally.

    Model shredding meat with the claws

    20. A multi-function chopping board with a meat grip on one side that helps you carve your meat, and easy pour corners for draining the juices.

    Model cuts meat on the cutting board, using the spikes to keep it in place

    21. A cordless electric wine opener because it's an easy-to-use device that'll help you open up a bottle of wine with little to no effort at all. Grabbing a bottle to pair with your new meal? This opener will pop the bottle in a matter of seconds.

    Closeup of the wine opener

    22. A digital food thermometer if you've sliced your poor steak to death trying to make sure every part of it is cooked thoroughly. Just stick this thermometer in to check the temp and save your steak from further dismemberment.

    23. A two-stage electric knife-sharpener to keep your blades sharp for all of the chopping and dicing you'll be doing in the future.

    Hands running a knife through the small sharpener

    24. A Magic Bullet for the blend-obsessed and coffee aficionados that need a kitchen gadget that'll make their morning routine that much smoother. Oh, and parents, it makes baby food, too. *mic drop*

    25. A versatile waffle maker to turn those picture perfect pancakes into insta-worthy waffles. These waffles will also have deep pockets, ideal for filling with all kinds of delicious toppings.

    Model making a waffle using the maker

    26. A classic Le Creuset pie bird that'll act as ventilation so you don't need to poke holes in the pie. It can 1) keep your pie filling from boiling over, 2) distribute moisture to avoid a soggy bottom, and 3) make sure the top crust cooks even without splitting. It's also super cute decoration, too.

    a pre cooked and cooked pie with the pie bird in the center

    27. A simply perfect tortilla press kit because you're on a roll now so it's only fitting that you also try making homemade tortillas. This press is made in Mexico out of Singer sewing machines and will not only be easy to use, but will also look amazing in your kitchen.

    Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces

    28. A veggie spiralizer to help you make homemade zoodles for days when you want 'em fresh instead of store bought.

    29. A pack of toaster bags if you've ever wanted to stick an entire sandwich in the toaster. Well, now you can. With these toaster bags, you can actually make grilled cheese in the toaster without the potentially dangerous mess you would get if you stuck the bare sandwich in there. How cool is that?!

    grilled cheeses in bags in a toaster

    You getting ready for your next dinner party super amped to try cooking again: