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    Just 37 Items To Bring New Vibes To Your Home

    Iridescent decor is so totally in.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A trendy and color-changing iridescent and wavy mirror that'll add some cheer to your home with its rainbow hues.

    2. A Dalí clock for a surrealist piece of decor reminiscent of Dalí's famous painting that creates the illusion of ~melting time~. Congrats, you've just landed yourself a conversation piece.

    Reviewer's Dali clock is displayed on a bookcase

    3. A fire escape shelf perfect for people who no longer live in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's not only a super-cool piece of decor, but it can also provide a bit of nostalgia.

    4. A modern acrylic vase in case you're looking for a simple yet exquisite design to display your flower arrangements, or even a single flower.

    5. A shag rug ideal for adding texture and personality to a room. This '70s decor staple has made a solid comeback. It's super soft to the touch, which makes it perfect to rub your toes in.

    Fluffy rug on wood floor

    6. A bed canopy to add an elegant draping to your bed, making it even more of a sanctuary.

    7. Some Dalmatian-dot removable wallpaper ideal for renters looking to spice up an otherwise drab studio apartment and still walk away with their security deposit.

    8. Or, a set of Dalmatian pillow covers to upcycle some of your older pillows and really fill the place with a more Cruella aesthetic.

    two pillows with the dalmation covers on them

    9. An ottoman bench you can use in your bedroom, living room, or walkway as a seat, a footrest, or a coffee table. What's cool about this one is that it opens to double as a storage.

    10. A high-tech square mirror complete with a touch switch dimmable light and anti-fog function that you can hang vertically or horizontally.

    a review photo of two of the mirrors hanging above double sinks in a bathroom

    11. A large circle mirror you can place in your bathroom to make the space feel larger. You can also place the mirror in your living room, bedroom, or entryway to bounce light around and brighten up the vibe.

    12. Some trendy Edison bulbs — a cost-effective and stylish light that really ~glasses~ up the place.

    13. A hidden bookshelf to get that pile of books gathered around your overcrowded bookcase off of the floor.

    14. A prismatic window film that'll bring a whimsical addition to your room while doubling as wall decor. Depending on where your windows are, adding this film will cause the sunlight to shine a rainbow-esque image on your wall. Two birds, one window.

    15. A durable Moroccan-style suede pouf you can use as a chair, footrest, or an end table. This multiuse bag of stuffing is great for pairing with furniture you already have.

    The brown circular pouf with a vertical line pattern around the entire thing

    16. An elegant arched floor lamp with the ability to bring the light directly to you, which makes it a great light to read or work under.

    The floor lamp with a round base, big arch, and hanging drum lampshade

    17. A quilted chenille floor pillow ideal for small spaces to use as backup extra seating when visitors pop in.

    four square tufted floor pillows stacked on top of each other

    18. A playful strawberry or orange juice planter that adds charming personality to your kitchen or living room table.

    19. A flowerbar to add something to your walls while still maintaining the folk-inspired minimalistic spirit of your home that you love so much.

    natural wood mounted shelf with stems of different dried flowers placed upright on top

    20. A ceramic vase with abstract faces etched into it for an original vase that'll have everyone eyeing your interior design skills, including these faces.

    three of the black vase with abstract phases etched into them

    21. A floral wall mural perfect for feeling like you woke up in a bed-and-breakfast.

    22. A wireless library light that can highlight your favorite family portrait or be positioned over your impressive collection of books that you've purchased but never read.

    23. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf to display your books, plants, photos, and other knickknacks that might've looked like clutter on a dresser, but on this, c'est magnifique!

    The bookshelf in gold and white

    24. A hammered gold moon phase garland if your space needs a dash of American Horror Story: Coven vibes.

    25. A leather-wrapped table lamp to usher in a little extra illumination. It's perfect for turning your bedroom into an upscale hotel room and pretending you're on vacation.

    26. A handcrafted dot placemat to give your dining table a one-of-a-kind upgrade sure to liven up your next meal.

    the different dot placemats you can buy in various colors

    27. A curved curtain rod that'll push out your shower curtain, giving you a little more room in your shower to move around, which is vital for your shower concerts.

    the curved curtain rod in silver

    28. A fun shower curtain to add a little personality to your bathroom, and elevate your mood after you've dragged yourself out of your nest. Taking a glance at your shower curtain should make for a cheerier morning.

    a reviewer photo of the abstract shower curtain that has fun shapes and squiggles in different colors and an abstract drawing of a face

    29. A fall-inspired candle with a matching fall-themed design so you can fill your home with a new scent. And the design makes for an ambient look, too.

    the candle in a scent called fireside with a brown and khaki neutral color container

    30. And, a decadent candle holder in the shape of a pumpkin just begging to kickstart your fall holiday season.

    the green velvet pumpkin candle holder with a gold leaf accent

    31. A faux plant so realistic your mom might actually try to water it when she comes over for a visit. Sounds like a high-~qualitree~ plant.

    the fake plant with a black base

    32. An over-the-toilet organizer that'll hold all of your bathroom essentials and leave room for candles, plants, and extra rolls of toilet paper. One major downside of renting = not enough built-ins in the bathroom.

    the over the toilet organizer

    33. A set of under-cabinet lights for accentuating your newly added backsplash or for bringing new light to your original backsplash. You can also use them under wall shelves to illuminate your books, plants, and other treasures.

    34. A removable tile backsplash you can stick in your bathroom behind the sink or along the wall in your kitchen to give your room that renovated look and feel.

    35. A set of velvet curtains that'll not only add a little instant fancy, but will help to regulate temperatures too thanks to their thermal insulation. Quick tip: Hanging them high and wide will make your windows look larger.

    the velvet curtains hanging in a room in blue

    36. A set of airy linen curtains to make your bedroom feel like a scene out of a romance novel. The sheerness allows sunlight to still peek through when closed, too, for those of us who aren't vampires and actually like the light.

    37. A nostalgic storage cabinet that'll give your living quarters a sophisticated ~homeroom~ vibe. Remember meeting your crush by the lockers so they could give you a note asking you to the dance? *sigh* Simpler times.

    the storage cabinet in blue with a plant on top next to an accent chair

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