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    41 Father's Day Gifts For Stepdads Who Are A ~Step~ Above

    Because your bonus dad deserves an awesome gift, too. 🤗

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Father's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the June 20th!

    1. A pair of PS4 performance thumbsticks to upgrade their gaming controller and increase their accuracy, and reduce wrist, hand and thumb fatigue.

    @kontrolfreek / Via,

    These thumbsticks are compatible with PS4 and PS5 controllers. The left and right thumbsticks are different heights to allow for more precision and control.

    Promising review: "I mainly play Call of Duty on PS4 and this definitely made my aiming and movement more precise. I thought it was going to take time to get use to it but it really didn’t. The first game I played with them went great. I can see these not working for children or people with shorter thumbs. I’m an adult with big hands and long thumbs so I had no problem whatsoever." —Dominique G

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    Shop the rest of their thumbsticks here.

    2. A Black+Decker toolkit because they have been dubbed "The Fixer," always ready to tighten up the legs on your TV stand or help you set up your new bed frame from West Elm. And let's face it, they love when you ask them for help.

    a reviewer photo of the tool kit

    What you'll get: 1 LDX120 drill/driver, 1 20 volt max lithium ion battery, 1 charger, 1 storage bag, 1 tape measure, 1 adjustable wrench, 1 needle nose pliers, 2 manual screwdrivers, 1 utility knife, 1 slip joint pliers , 1 12 ounce hammer, 1 ratcheting screwdriver, 4 hole saws with mandrel, 32 screwdriving bits, 1 magnetic bit holder, 10 drilling bits, and 5 spade bits.

    Promising review: "This kit has almost everything I need for tasks around the house like quick repairs, hanging pictures, shelving, building assembly-required furniture, and so on. For the average home DIYer, I think it's a great starter kit." —Shabnam

    Get it from Amazon for $74.99.

    3. A portable standup grill with a push-button ignition for matchless lighting, three adjustable burners, and quick-fold legs and wheels that make toting it around the campsite super easy.

    a reviewer photo of chicken and steak cooking on the portable camping grill

    Promising review: "We gifted this to our daughter and son-in-law. They have used it a lot. We have never given a better gift. We used it for a week recently when visiting and were able to see its flexibility. We took it on a picnic to a local park near them and it handled steak and hamburgers flawlessly. The water pan inside captured all the grease easily and makes perfect sense for the design. I wish my larger grill had the same feature. We also bought the griddle accessory; I highly recommend it if one is thinking about buying the grill. It does not come with its own case, but one can be found easily at any store that sells grills." —Aspro-naut

    Get it from Amazon for $269.99 (available in five colors).

    4. A wireless remote food thermometer so the grill master can monitor their meat on the grill and catch up on the most recent episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime without having to worry about burning the meat.


    Promising review: "This thermometer is great! I used it today to cook a brisket. I put one probe in the meat and the other in the smoker. Set the alarm to go off at 160 degrees and it worked perfectly. I love having the receiver in the house while it cooks outside. Great product." —Jeffrey Erspamer

    Get it from Amazon for $48.44.

    5. A Bluetooth speaker ready to play the custom playlist you made your stepdad of all the songs that remind you of them. It's lightweight and waterproof, which makes it a great companion.

    reviewer photo of the JBL speaker in gray on a bedspread

    Promising review: "One of the best Bluetooth speakers that I've ever heard. It's lightweight but feels durable and high-quality. The Bluetooth range is great. I had my phone in my pocket and walked in my garage and upstairs, and left the speaker outside and it was still playing. I was really shocked by that. The bass is superb as well. That's a big talking point for this speaker and it does not disappoint. The sound is really loud, you would think you might get a noise complaint sitting on your balcony. I'm very pleased with this speaker and it did not break the bank." —Andrew

    Get it from Amazon for $89.95.

    6. A bike phone mount so they can always be available to answer your FaceTime calls without having to stop their evening ride around the neighborhood.,

    This bike phone mount is compatible with phones that are between sizes 5.8 inches and 7.2 inches, which includes but is not limited to: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note S20, Galaxy Note 20.

    Promising review: "I wanted to wait to write a review until I had some real hard usage. Today was the day. I went riding and was almost downhill riding. The phone was in the phone mount the entire time. It stayed stable with no problem at all. As described it was easy to mount and use and it doesn't block any controls on your phone. I also like that you don't need to remove your phone case, too. My phone is Samsung Note 10 Plus." —Rustem

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in two mounting styles and three colors).

    Or, check out this version that has room for a power bank.

    7. A personal fireplace for an ambience that sets the scene for ultimate relaxation that they can even roast marshmallows and other food over. It burns clean and it's just a super cool gift that no one else would think of. Let's see your siblings try to top that!

    the personal fireplace
    Bespoke Post

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $90.

    8. A LifeStraw water bottle perfect for the stepdad who loves a good hike and is always trying to get you to join them. This water bottle has an integrated filtered straw that will allow them to drink water from a lake without worrying about contamination.

    a person getting water from lake in the woods with the LifeStraw bottle

    In addition to being able to drink water worry-free, for each Life Straw product purchased, a child receives safe water for an entire school year.

    Promising review: "This water bottle is amazing — a must-have for travel! I purchased it before a trip to Havana and could not have been happier with it. I filled it from all kinds of taps in Cuba (public restrooms, hoses, kitchen sinks) and didn't have any health issues. It definitely makes the water safe to drink! It was so much easier and way less wasteful than having to find bottled water everywhere. The filter won't improve taste at all, so don't expect pure-tasting spring water, but it will keep you from getting sick. It is also requires more suction to drink from than a non-filter straw bottle — remember that you are literally forcing the water through a filter. I don't find it difficult to drink from, but the amount of effort required for drinking definitely took a little getting used to. I have also used it on hikes in the US and it is very handy! So much easier than carrying a separate filter. This lid/filter combo also fits my 32-ounce wide mouth Nalgene, so it's easy enough to just swap out the bottle, if you decide you want to use a larger one." —Cass Madden

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95+ (available in two sizes, 18 colors, and in multi-packs).

    9. Or, a self-cleaning water bottle to upgrade their hydration experience. There's a UV-C LED in the bottle cap that sanitizes water, neutralizes any odor-causing bacteria, and cleans the inner walls of the water bottle — all in just 60 seconds.

    a person holding the water bottle over a river
    @livelarq / Via

    Promising review: "I bought a second one! Took it camping with my dad and he mentioned how nice it was so I got him one as well. They even have a bigger size now for all you thirsty folks. I’m very happy with my new Larq bottle! I love the sleek, simple design. I washed upon receiving it and tested it out by leaving water in it through the weekend and letting it clean itself this morning; it had no smell or metallic taste like every other water bottle I’ve used. The insulation works really well, too. I will definitely be taking it with me when I go on backpacking trips. I will easily be able to get cold water from a lake and use the UV cleaning to drink it immediately. I love that I have a cleaning system and water bottle all in one, no more boiling or bringing multiple parts just to have clean water!" —Tyler D.

    Get it from Amazon for $95+ (available in two sizes and five colors).

    10. A vegan leather watch roll that'll keep their favorite time keepers organized at home or during travel. *sigh* Oh how time flies when you have an awesome stepdad. You can also get it monogrammed with your stepdad's initials!

    reviewer photo of the red watch roll open containing three watches

    Promising review: "Got this as a gift for my hubby, and he absolutely loved it! He's really into expensive things and quality (me, I appreciate a good bargain), and he was exceedingly impressed! It even smelled expensive! I got it to go with a glass case for at home as well. Best Father's Day gift thus far by far!!!" —Madison Hubbard

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in four colors).

    11. A gift-boxed Fisher Space Pen if your stepdad is the type to always have a pen clipped to their front pocket. This pen has the ability to write in extreme temperatures (minus 30 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, underwater, on wet surfaces, literally anywhere. Not that you anticipate them needing to write a note from inside a volcano or swimming with dolphins but if they decided they wanted to, they can!

    Promising review: "I will admit, I was pretty skeptical. I've had 'space pens' before that could write upside down, but they were pretty poorly constructed and didn't really last. This pen, by comparison, is brilliant. It's quite small and rounded in the pocket with the cap on, which is nice and comfortable, but it also feels like a regular-sized pen when you put the cap on the other end. Also, it's sturdy. I can just drop it in my pocket and never worry about it." —mrxak

    Get it from Amazon for $27.20.

    12. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, because they like it hot, on EVERYTHING. Seriously, sometimes you glance over in the middle of dinner and wonder, "Why would anyone put this on salad?" But, that's the best part of this sweet-heat chili pepper-infused honey, you can literally put it on anything from pizza, wings, tea, cocktails, and more.

    Mikes Hot Honey being poured on a spread of meat, bread, and cheese

    Promising Review: "Saw this on a Food Network show and decided to try! LOVE IT! Great honey taste with just a bit of heat at the end. My husband loves 'hot' foods and even grows his own peppers to put on anything. He really likes this on his French toast and I like it with peanut butter. However, I just made baked beans and added a tablespoon of Mike's Hot in addition to the brown sugar, and they were the BEST baked beans ever!" —Ritakc

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98.

    13. A Bartesian cocktail machine that'll make their favorite drink just the way they like it. And, they won't have to drift out to the local dive bar; they can stay home and spend more time with you instead. It's like the Nespresso of cocktails that reviewers say is totally worth the splurge.

    Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed writer Hannah Loewentheil loves hers. In her own words:

    "When I first caught wind of the Bartesian premium cocktail machine, my first thought was does anyone actually need this gadget? But after trying it for myself, I can say the answer is a firm YES, and here's why. I love making cocktails at home, and while I'm no bartender, I feel very comfortable shaking a spicy margarita, stirring a negroni, or whipping up a Pisco sour. But making craft cocktails at home requires many (often expensive) ingredients, bar tools, time and effort. With the Bartesian though, you can make fancy drinks with the click of a button — literally. Once you turn the Bartesian on, it prompts you to insert a cocktail capsule. The smart gadget recognizes the cocktail you're trying to make and will ensure you've placed the proper spirit in the bottle (I know, it's mind-blowing). Next, it prompts you to choose your cocktail strength (there's even a mocktail option), and to place a glass with ice underneath the spout. Next, the Bartesian will start pouring your craft cocktail. The whole process takes about 20 seconds and it's all very exciting. With many bars closed and people quarantining or feeling hesitant about going out to eat, this gadget allows you to make professional-quality cocktails at home."

    Get it from Amazon for $349.85.

    And check out the rest of Hannah's Bartesian review to learn more!

    14. A GQ subscription box in case their favorite pastime is receiving packages filled with ~the best stuff~ that is both super cool *and* practical. Perfect for the stepdad that isn't a shopper but likes to try new things.

    a reviewer photo of what comes in the subscription box

    What you'll get: Every three months, they'll receive a box containing a variety of items including electronics, grooming products, style accessories, and more with a combined value of $200+.

    Promising review: "My wife got this gift for me last year for my birthday and I loved all four boxes. I usually stick to the basics when buying things for myself, especially when it comes to self-care. The boxes had a bunch of really cool products like different hair gels, eye cream, lotion with UV protection, and a bunch more. I've been able to try different things to see what I like and stock up my home and travel dopp kit. The box also includes other great items like ties, headphones, and other accessories. I've been recommending this product to other friends and have recently purchased it for my dad. It's the perfect gift for someone who doesn't experiment with products themselves but is open to trying new things they wouldn't normally get." —Ryan Welch

    Get it from Amazon for $45 for your first box and then $50 for every subsequent box.

    15. A Kindle Paperwhite for the bookish stepdad whose nose is always in a John Grisham novel. They're kind of quiet but always seem to get going when explaining the plot twist of their favorite book.


    The Kindle Paperwhite is also waterproof, which is especially great for mom if she has tiny tots running around. For an added treat, you can buy the option that gives them three months free of Audible, that'll allow them to listen to their favorite books, and discover some new ones.

    Promising review: "I am an avid reader and adore the new Paperwhite! To me, it’s the perfect reader. No light bleeding through, easy to control the amount of backlight, easy to download books, and simply just easy to read my books. I use overdrive on my phone or tablet, it’s easy to borrow books and return books from my library. The newest update allows you to return right from your Paperwhite and that is a huge improvement. As a prime member, I get a free book every month, plus I follow several emails that alert to free or greatly discounted books. The 8 GB of storage is more than enough for me. I find the weight to be significantly less than a paperback even with a case. I am so happy with this purchase!" —Sherrie Thurman

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99 (available with 8 GB and 32 GB storage and in four colors).

    16. A Philips smart light complete with five natural sounds and an FM radio. This smart light simulates sunlight to ease their wakeup, and simulates sunset for smooth transition to sleep.

    the smart lamp

    The smart light has 20 personalized brightness settings letting mom create their own unique wake/sleep routine.

    Promising review: "My husband loves this thing. It might take a couple mornings to get it just right. As your set alarm time approaches, the light starts out with a dim amber light and gradually brightens to a soft white light. At your alarm time, a tune is played to gently tell you it’s time to rise out of bed. If you wake up to the dimmer light before the alarm, then adjust the end brightness. The lamp also needs to be on a very nearby nightstand, about top of bed height and facing the sleeper. If you share a bed with someone with a different wake time, this could be inconvenient for one or the other." —Julie Peterson

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95.

    17. A coffee table book filled with a collection of art from Austin, Texas-based gallery Mondo, which is known for its modern interpretations of movie posters. This book has been referred to as a true gem for film aficionados and art lovers alike. If they're a fan of both, they're sure to love this gift.

    the book opened to an illustration of the car from Back to the Future
    Simon & Schuster

    Get it from Amazon for $37.49, Bookshop (to support small businesses) for $69, Target for $37.49, or check your local library.

    18. A scratch-off poster that's more of a family gift because you can all sit around and watch the films together. This bucket list of 100 films will be a fun ride for them, especially if they find a few movies they've missed. After all the movies are scratched off, they can hang the artwork in their home office and reminisce on the funny movie night moments you've had.

    the poster on a stool against a white background with a blue lamp next to it

    Promising review: "Got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. He thought it was so cool. It comes in a container to protect the poster, with a pick to scratch the boxes off. SUCH a great buy, good pictures and pigmentation! We're huge movie people and honestly sometimes we sit at home and we're like, what should we watch? This has changed that. Huge selection between comedies, dramas, actions, thrillers, etc. Every movie has been great so far in our opinion. Planning to frame it and hang it up once it's done." —Edgar Salcedo

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    19. An espresso machine that'll save them a trip and a few dollars by allowing them to make quality lattes from the comfort of their home. And you know, they're always down for saving a dollar.,

    Promising review: "I am really enjoying my new Nespresso machine. I have used it to make regular cups of coffee and also to make lattes. The frother that came with it works great and makes both hot and cold froth. I also bought a pod holder that you can put underneath the machine. I’m really glad I’ve got that storage space for the pods. I’ve had my machine a couple of weeks now and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a pod type of machine. Makes way better tasting coffee than my previous Keurig did." —K Dunn

    Get it from Amazon for $169.99.

    20. A pair of Sony wireless headphones with noise cancellation, a microphone for calling, and Alexa voice control. Treat them to something nice, even though you know they'll mostly be used to tune out you and your siblings 😂.

    The Sony wireless headphones in silver

    Promising review: "I really enjoy this headset! It is expensive but worth it! It feels very light on your head. You can immediately notice some noise cancellation when you put the headset on even without it being powered up. The sound quality is top notch. One of my favorite features is being able to cover the right ear with your hand and it will immediately lower the volume so you can have a conversation with someone and it will return back to regular volume immediately once you stop covering it. The 30-hour battery life is amazing! It is very easy to control the volume/skip song with the swipe feature on the right ear." —David

    Get it from Amazon for $298 (available in three colors).

    21. An Apple TV streaming device so they can finally catch up on all the shows you've been going on and on about during your weekly check-ins.

    The Apple TV streaming device

    Subscription needed for certain apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

    Promising review: "I recently switched to this new AppleTV 4K after using an Amazon Fire 4K device, Google Chromecast, and an older generation AppleTV. This is the most expensive of all of those mentioned, but Apple really makes the user interface elegant and seamless. With my 4K UHD TV, I am able to access a full range of video and audio controls because of the Dolby Vision integration. Ironically, the TV I use has a built in FireTV interface, and I can do way more to control the video and sound via the AppleTV 4K than I can through the native software on the TV itself. Because of this, I get a lot more out of the TV in terms of quality, and since I have a whole bunch of other Apple devices already, the TV seamlessly integrates with the whole ecosystem. The apps rarely freeze or glitch, which happens constantly with any Amazon Fire device that I've had, and the UI controls are the same throughout, which is also not the case with other Streaming TV platforms I've used. The system is also very fast, with little lag time or hiccups, which was also a constant issue with my FireTV devices. Overall, I'm very impressed with the AppleTV 4K and it is the primary way I access streaming content now." —Forrest

    Get it from Amazon for $174.99 (available in two storage sizes).

    22. An Ember Mug2 because working from home has been a little rough, this smart mug can ease their mornings and keep their coffee or tea at the exact temperature they like it so they don't have to keep getting up to reheat it.

    The smart mug in copper

    Promising review: "This was an awesome splurge gift from my husband. Keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature that you set it to, and I think the battery lasts even longer than the 1.5 hours advertised. Super sleek looking. So happy with this mug!" —L_K

    Get it from Amazon for $129.95 (available in three colors).

    23. A road trip candle that'll serve as a reminder of the great road trips you've had so far, and a promise that when it's safe to travel, the two of you will hit the road for another adventure. OK, I guess the rest of the family can come, too.

    the road trip candle

    Promising review: "Brings back amazing memories of driving up the Pacific Coast Highway with the roof down and the sun shining. I would highly recommend it!" —Lewis T.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.80 and Homesick for $34.

    24. A punny guitar pick, a sweet novelty gift for your bonus dad to know you really dig them.

    the guitar pick that reads I couldn't pick a better step dad

    Promising review: "This was such a cute gift and meant a lot to my stepdad. My brother passed away and he was a talented musician and loved the guitar more than anything. So when I saw this it wasn’t just a gift from me, but my beloved brother as well." —Paul Whyte

    Get it from Amazon for $5.58+ (available in two styles).

    25. A coffee mug complete with funny nutritional facts that your bonus dad will get a kick out of.

    a reviewer photo of the mug

    Promising review: "I got this from my stepson and it has been just fantastic to use. The picture is funny and respectful to him as his dad is still in the picture and I love being his dad too! The mug is taller than your standard mug so I get more coffee with every cup. I love this cup and use it everyday." —Alicia chaney

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in two sizes).

    26. A digital picture frame that you can connect to your phone and load up with precious pictures and videos of you and daddio hanging out., Amazon

    It's also Amazon Alexa-compatible, so you can create photo playlists and tell Alexa to display them!

    Promising review: "I gave this to my grandfather for Father's Day this year and it was the best decision ever!!! He is 85 and has trouble operating technology, so he often misses out on photos of his grandkids and great-grandkids as a result. Especially with COVID, he's been really lonely. This frame is GREAT because we can all contribute photos. Love the capability to use the app (really simple) or the website, which my parents find easier. We even gave the link to my cousins across the country in Arizona as well as cousins in other parts of NJ, so even though we can't physically BE with my grandfather, he has a constant stream of photos, updated weekly with new adventures and things to make him smile. Worth every penny. And awesome that the remote control magnetically sticks to the back of the frame— super handy." —Haley DelPlato

    Get it from Amazon for $134.99+ (available in four sizes and three styles).

    27. A buffalo leather dopp kit to get started on stocking up for the next family vacation. As an added bonus, you can fill it with toiletries, a candle, or other knickknacks.

    A brown leather dopp kit with two closed zippers

    Promising review: "The workmanship on this item was really good. It has a nice leather smell. It's also the perfect size. It fit all my items with a tiny bit of room to spare. The double zipper at the top is really convenient and smooth. I also like that it didn't have too many pockets. I have bags with many pockets, but I've been trying to get away from buying those lately because it's too easy to lose things." —Mark

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in four colors).

    28. A hardcover Moleskine classic notebook so they have a place to jot down all their thoughts and ideas and don't have to keep writing phone numbers on the back of your mail. And they'll look super sophisticated jotting down their scribbles and whatnot.

    Promising review: "Extremely high quality notebook for journaling or corporate/professional note keeping. Pocket in the back of the notebook for ticket stubs, photos, etc. Ribbon bookmark. High-quality pages and book bindings and an elastic to keep the book closed. Sleek and professional. I love the gridline version for my bullet journaling and this is the fourth notebook I have bought of this same one and I don't plan to change that." —Analei
    Get it from Amazon for $19.95+ (available in five paper styles and 14 colors).

    29. A Levi's trucker jacket because they never go shopping and have been rocking the same jean jacket pretty much since they met your mom. It's time for an upgrade, and they'll be super grateful.

    Levis, Levi's

    Promising review: "This fits as expected, color is just perfect, and the more I wear it the more comfortable it gets because it loses the initial stiffness. I wore these jackets years ago as a kid, not sure why I stopped, but so glad to have this Levi's product back in my closet. If your thinking about buying you won't be disappointed." —Alex2018

    Get it from Levi's for $62.65 (originally $89.50; available in men's sizes XS–3XL and six washes).

    30. A durable, waterproof Earth Pak compression bag perfect for stepdads who like to fish, camp, or partake in other outdoor activities. It's built to last and can handle being dragged around and thrown around.,

    It includes a waterproof phone case and a heavy-duty waist belt, so this bag is equipped to undergo pretty much anything.

    Promising review: "We went kayaking, catamaran boating, surfing, and had lots of beach days on a recent Hawaii trip and this bag was ESSENTIAL. The catamaran company and the kayak tour company both gave these bags out for people to borrow, so it was so nice to have our own instead. Surfers, kayakers, and captains on the catamaran all used these bags. Also nice to keep sand out. Great to not have to worry about phones/iPads/magazines getting wet." —Emily H.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in eight colors).

    31. A front pocket leather wallet made with a curved design specifically for front pocket carriers. It has RFID blockers stitched so they can feel secure carrying around their cards safely.

    The curved wallet sliding into a pocket

    Promising review: "I'm a wallet snob. I haven't found one I *like* until this one. Wallets seem to either hold nothing or are the size of a brick. I tend to carry several bills and several debit/credit/ID cards at all times. This wallet has proven to work well. I set at a desk during the day in slacks and can be extremely active evenings and weekends and this wallet has held up very well. Six months of use and it's still looking nice. It does have a few creases but no tears and no rips from daily use. I have seven cards and about 25 bills in the wallet most of the time and it just looks nice and doesn't create a brick in my front pocket. The cards on the left side can be a little difficult to remove; many times I have to pull the front card to get to the middle card but I'd rather have to work to get the card(s) out than worry about them falling out. Wallet snobs you will accept this as a front wallet solution that will last well and not empty your wallet." —Ken C

    Get it from Amazon for $40+ (available in five colors).

    32. A shaving kit for the stepdad whose beard area could use some extra TLC.

    the shaving kit in box (shaving cream, razor, and three razor heads)

    The kit comes with a premium edition Fusion5 ProShield razor handle, four ProShield blade refills, and Gillette Shave Cream.

    Promising review: "I sent this to my father who had complained to me that he was cutting himself with his current razor. I'm already using this product so I thought it would be a good surprise for him. He's ecstatic with the shave. He's 76 and said he's never gotten a better shave. He really likes the shaving cream that came with the gift set. Every time we talk on the phone he thanks me for this gift. Only took me 56 years to find something he likes."—Lane M.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    33. A gardener's tool seat because, as we all know, there's nothing dads like more than sitting the heck down. With this, they can rest and garden at the same time!

    gardener's tool seat in garden with tools in the side pockets
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "I've been an avid gardener for most of my life. Knee surgery two years ago has made it difficult to kneel for long when planting and weeding. My daughter purchased this gardener's seat for me for Mother's Day. It made gardening easy and enjoyable for me again. Hooray! I in turn gifted a seat to my fellow garden-enthusiastic father for Christmas. He is looking forward to his spring planting now!" —Jennifer R

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $40.

    34. A pair of compression socks for the sporty stepdad who's always insisting you bond over exercise. In addition to being moisture-wicking, these bad boys will keep their legs supported and pain-free through any kind of activity.

    Amazon / Via, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "I use these for cycling. My legs just seem to be sore all the time. I use these socks on rides and for a couple hours after to help with recovery. They seem to work well, I definitely feel less sore the next day and lately I've been able to put two hard days in a row together, which is something I've struggled with previously. They're very comfortable, not as tight as I expected, just a very nice hug for your lower legs. So I highly recommend, especially if you need a little help with recovery." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $12+ (available in three sizes and nine colors).

    35. A fancy whiskey subscription because you know your stepdad secretly wants to be Ron Swanson. Who are you to deny them their dream?

    two bottles of Balvenie whiskey with a glass of whiskey in the background
    Caskers / Via

    Each shipment contains two bottles of hand-selected whiskey and tasting notes!

    Choose from an American Whiskey subscription for $146.99, or a World of Whiskey subscription for $166.99 from Caskers.

    36. An eco-friendly self-care kit filled with minimalist, all-natural goodies for the stepdad who cares about the environment and likes to feel their best.

    photo image of all the components of the self-care kit
    Public Goods

    The kit comes with a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and lotion, soap, body wash, facial cleanser, organic tote bag, vacuum-sealed water bottle, and a cedar and suede candle.

    Promising review: "Phenomenal. Outstanding. Not much else to say. Really!! It’s so difficult to find products in big stores or even on Amazon that don’t have tons and tons of chemicals mixed into to what they call “soap.” Public Goods is the way to go. Get the full kit, you won’t be disappointed! Really like the ayate washcloth as well. 10/10. Good gift idea as well." —Thomas N.

    Get it from Public Goods for $73.20.

    37. A felt eyeglass sleeve made of luxurious Merino wool and leather that will make your stepdad never want to lose their glasses again. Bonus: it actually cleans the outside of your glasses as you pull them in and out of the sleeve!

    Graf Lantz

    Promising review: "Easily ordered online and delivered within a few days (even at the height of the pandemic). My sunglasses are now perfectly protected in my daily bag. I’d buy this again and again, but I won’t need to because the quality is impeccable." —Kelly F.

    Get it from Graf Lantz for $28.

    38. A 3D Father's Day card to add a pop of excitement to any gift-opening occasion, and pretty much make you the favorite child in the process., Amazon

    Choose between twelve different themed popup scenes, like a beer mug, a camping tent, or a dinosaur.

    Promising review: "Lovepop cards are the very best! The selection on Amazon is excellent and the cards arrive so quickly (with free shipping if you buy three). There are many occasions when the card is the gift and these cards make everything a bit more special. The elephant family is lovely and the card was the perfect one for a birthday where the recipient had just returned from a honeymoon in Africa. There is a small blank card that slides into the back of the card so that you can write a note (or tuck in a check) without spoiling the popup art." —Constant Reader

    Get it from Amazon for $13.

    39. A Yeti beer can insulator perfect for the stepdad who's never seen without a cold one in their hand—with this perfectly-designed koozie, their drink will stay frosty all night.

    reviewer photo of holding a beer can in the koozie

    Promising review: "If you asked me prior to using this I would say I drink a beer too fast to care about keeping it cold. After using this, and buying the 16-ounce version, I will never go back. Even with the 12-ounce, my beer is as enjoyable as the very first sip. I did a test. I left a beer in this overnight and it was drinkable the next day. If you lose this with a beer in it, whenever you find it, that beer will be cold. I promise that. Overall worth the money." —DCS

    Get it from Amazon for $24.98+ or YETI for $24.99 (available in 12 colors and also in a Tallboy version). Father's Day guaranteed shipping is available on Yeti's website!

    40. A pair of versatile but heavy-duty Timberland leather boots that'll be your stepdad's new go-to for walking around, hiking, or just plain chilling and looking stylish.

    reviewer photo wearing the boots in dark brown

    Promising review: "I had been looking for a nice pair of every day boots for a while. After much thought and debate I went with these and...I am soooo glad I chose these. They fit amazing (be sure to order a half size smaller than what you wear, they do run a tad big), and the color was is great too. They feel broken in from day one and don't hurt your feet at all, and they have good toe room and arch support. They come with an anti-microbial spray pre-applied from the factory too." —vkt

    Get them from Amazon for $150 (available in nine colors and sizes 6.5-15, regular and wide).

    41. A multi-purpose utility apron to protect stepdad from the messiest of messes. It has adjustable straps with two huge pockets for tools of any kind!

    reviewer photo wearing the apron standing in a tattoo parlor

    Promising review: "Got this for my husband for our anniversary and we both love it. It is so much nicer than what you’d think for the price. It is very well-made and the suede leather is so soft. The pockets are perfect for his phone and some grilling tools. He doesn’t even have to tie it and just puts the straps over his head. If you’re not sure about this product...just buy it. It’s the nicest apron I’ve ever seen." —Mrs. Ferguson

    Get it from Amazon for $29.74 (available in 12 colors, and also in a leather style).

    When your stepdad glances over at you after opening their gift:

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