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    29 Casual Things To Wear That Aren’t Jeans

    It's denim wash day. Time to take one of your other garments out for a spin.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. An oversized crewneck sweater made with lightweight alpaca yarn that won't have you sweltering within minutes of putting it on.

    a model wearing the oversized crewneck sweater in a red tonal color

    2. A pair of relaxed high-rise joggers for an athleisure pant that can be worn beyond the fitness routine.

    a model wearing the joggers in mint

    3. Or, a pair of velour joggers in case you're looking for a pant that will melt onto you as you melt into the couch to catch up new episodes of Big Sky.

    4. A cow print skirtall that gives you the comfort of overalls and the freedom of a dress. Moooo-ve over, there's a new closet addition in town.

    a model wearing the overall dress

    5. A pair of plaid knit leggings because you want the comfort of leggings but also want to look like you actually tried to piece together an outfit. Throw on practically any top with it and you instantly look put together.

    a reviewer wearing the plaid leggings in gray

    6. A mock-neck bodysuit for a turtleneck-type shirt without the constricting neck. When it's cold outside, you'll be thankful for a shirt that doesn't rise out of your jeans every time you sit down.

    reviewer wearing the bodysuit

    7. A signature set from Warmzy's that embraces the minimalistic style of a relaxed button down and simple cropped wide-leg pants. It'll probably become your new uniform.

    two models wearing the signature set in different colors

    8. A long-line plaid jacket when you're looking for a practical fall fashion staple that sits right at the mid-thigh, helping to elongate the body. Pure fab!

    Reviewer wearing the brown plaid coat

    9. A pair of high-waisted palazzo trousers to upgrade your crop tops and basic tees with their vintage-inspired fit.

    10. A zippered jumpsuit if you need a utility piece that offers an easy-to-wear silhouette and side pockets for an artsy flair.

    a model wearing the jumpsuit in lilac

    11. A chunky knit cardigan you can use as an everyday duster to give your house robe a break.

    12. A pair of baggy overalls in case you're looking for an outfit that gives off major farmer vibes. Jump into these and you're ready to head over to the farmers market.

    reviewer wearing the brown jumpsuit over a white off-the-shoulder top

    13. A short-sleeved jumpsuit made with — wait for it — pockets! This ~one and done~ ensemble is great for people who WFH and need to slip on something for video calls but who still want to be comfy for working from the couch after.

    14. A pair of FP Movement balloon pants for a get-up-and-go look that can easily be dressed up with a few rad accessories and switch of the shoes.

    a model wearing the balloon pants in the color nile blue

    15. An open-front cardigan to help you stay warm while still showing off your outfit.

    16. A faux suede moto jacket to give your fave denim jacket a much-needed break.

    a reviewer wearing the faux suede moto jacket in green

    17. A wool skirt because there are few things better than a wool skirt, a perfect latte, and a brisk stroll along the promenade.

    18. A long-sleeve hooded romper for the days when you just want to ~hop out the bed, and turn your swag on~.

    a model wearing the romper

    19. A long-sleeve shorts set reviewers say is a great "cute and comfy" outfit for days on the couch or trips to the store.

    20. A linen dress with rolled up sleeves that, yes, looks like the dress a preschool teacher would wear on a Disney sitcom, but that also should be the reason you buy it. Because if a teacher can be comfy in it running around with tiny tots then you can be comfy WFH.

    21. A two-piece set reviewers say is so cute and comfy, they purchased the set in multiple colors. When you find something this cozy, it's always good to have a spare.

    22. A pair of tie-dye shorts because no one can have a gloomy day while wearing shorts made of smiley face suns. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... 🌞"

    a model wearing the shorts with happy suns on them

    23. A midi skirt complete with two options: floral or button-down with pockets. Either skirt is such a cute option, so don't be surprised if you see your roomie sashaying in one of them on their Instagram story.

    24. A pair of chic paper bag-waisted pants that offers a balanced silhouette. The pants add definition to the waist and would look great with a snug top.

    25. A solid baby doll smock complete with pockets, because it will be your new go-to for running errands or just lounging around the house. As things heat up, you'll be glad for the one and done outfits — just add shoes.

    26. A loose swing dress with an elastic waist perfect for wearing on a casual date and leaving you plenty of room for that second order of onion rings.

    a reviewer photo wearing the long-sleeve knee-length dress in blue

    27. A vacation dress in a super fun print that screams, "I'm comin' up so you better get this party started." 📻 🎶

    a model wearing the dress in psychedelic print

    28. A lace-trim T-shirt dress, because you wanted to add a little razzle dazzle to set yourself apart for the rest of the crowd.

    Reviewer wearing the lace-trim long-sleeve dress in purple

    29. A three-piece fluffy fleece set if you love to look like a celebrity being filmed for a reality tv show. "Who me? No, I'm not a Kardashian, but thank you."

    reviewer wearing the three piece set while holding a glass of red wine

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.