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    33 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

    Just slip this into the group text. They'll get the hint.

    1. A whimsical dog lamp because it's an unassuming task light that not only lights your work, but also lights your heart. 🥰

    the dog lamp

    2. A 2-in-1 straightener and curling iron that'll make it that much easier to remix your hairstyle as often as you want. Plus, it has an extra long chord that'll come in handy when performing live concerts in the mirror.

    3. A SKINFOOD egg white mask perfect for minimizing pores and removing dead skin cells and blackheads. Not only will your face feel fresh and clean, but it'll be refreshed for all those birthday selfies.

    the skinfood egg white mask

    4. A leopard print one-piece swimsuit to buy now in preparation for the warmer months. Consider it your new birthday suit. 🎉

    a reviewer photo of someone wearing the leopard swimsuit

    5. Solar-powered LED wind chimes that'll add a little flare to your porch. They don't actually make any noise but they'll make your heart sing.

    6. A pack of hair clips to dress up even the messiest bedhead.

    the hair clips

    7. An Instax smartphone printer because those birthday moments shouldn't be trapped in your phone vault forever. With the smartphone printer, you can chose the best photos from your phone and print them on the spot.

    the printer in blue

    8. Escape the Crate, a bi-monthly subscription that lets you experience all the fun of an escape room from the comfort of your own home. Keep your eyes peeled; everything is a clue. 🧐

    the kit

    9. The One with All the Recipes: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Friends for recipes inspired by your fave episodes you binge on repeat. ~sings~ See no one told you food was gonna taste this great 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

    10. A hexagon crystal phone grip cap because your phone deserves to be laced with the finest accessories, too.

    three phones with hexagon crystal phone grip caps on them

    11. An adorable adult coloring book for anyone who wholeheartedly agrees that coffee and animals = life.

    the coloring book

    12. A pack of Harry Potter playing cards in case quidditch just isn't your game.

    the Harry Potter cards

    13. A DIY wine cork board frame kit so that you can recycle all those corks you'll have after poppin' bottles during your birthday celebration.

    14. A champagne or birthday cake candle to fill your home with the smell of a celebration, all day long.

    the candles

    15. A tube of Glossier Skywash — a liquid to powder shadow that melts into the skin to add a subtle boost to those already gorgeous eyes.

    16. An insulated jacket with pockets that double as hand warmers for an even cozier wear. This lightweight jacket is all you need to brave the chilly days while hiking, riding, and more. Keep it handy so you're ready for whatever another year brings.

    the cream jacket with red lining

    17. A peanut butter and jelly tee combo because there's no better dynamic duo than peanut butter and jelly, or you and your bestie.

    18. Atlas Coffee Club because you're a coffee snob that can't imagine a day without coffee. This subscription allows you to get a taste of java from around the world without leaving your couch.

    The box

    19. A s'mores griller to make picture perfect s'mores each and every time. You don't even have to use a grill; pop this stainless steel wire rack in the oven for melt in your mouth snacks in minutes.

    the smores griller with cooked smores on a plate

    20. A weighted blanket made from organic cotton yarn that will quite literally change the way you sleep.

    a person using the weighted blanket in navy while reading a book

    21. A cream lipstick that'll give you a breathable long-lasting, full-coverage wear that spreads on smooth like butter and ends with a matte finish.

    22. A WFH helper bundle to gussy up your desk with fun and tasty treats that'll provide a few sweet escapes throughout the day.

    the kit with bag of colorful candy, gold gummy bear pencil cup, sprinkle notebook, gummy bear erasers, and box of animal crackers

    23. A pair of eyeglasses cufflinks to add a little flare to your button-down shirt in case you want to make a spectacle of yourself in a good way.

    the eyeglasses cufflinks

    24. An Animal Crossing shadow palette kit to create a look inspired by your fave characters from the video game.

    The four quad eyeshadow palettes

    25. A brownie and cheesecake birthday box that'll pretty much be like eating mini birthday cakes all day. And you know what? You deserve to eat birthday cakes all day.

    the brownies and cheesecake

    26. A mask pouch set because you're going to be a year older and you have things to do and places to ~safely~ go.

    27. A pair of ankle boots reviewers say are literally made for walking, making them the perfect everyday boot to add to your wardrobe.

    the boots in stone

    28. A P.volve subscription because you're getting older but that doesn't mean your body has to. P.volve gives you access to a variety of fitness routines that you can do whenever and wherever you want.

    a person working out

    29. A pop-up beach tent to spend a socially distant day by the sea contemplating the past and present, and dreaming about the future.

    a person on the beach inside the pop up beach tent

    30. A pair of gold hoops to dazzle your loved ones during all of your birthday FaceTime calls.

    31. A fun puzzle with a colorful pattern that'll close out your birthday with some much needed, super satisfying alone time.

    the puzzle

    32. A terrazzo soap bar because your bathroom deserves to have a bar of soap shaped like a gem because ~you~ are a gem, too.

    the terrazzo soap bars in various styles

    33. A mini purse that'll make you feel like a superstar walking the red carpet every time you hold it. And, since it's your birthday, you are the superstar.

    the mini purse in brown

    How you wake up on your special day knowing that you sent all your friends this birthday wishlist:

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