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    38 Of The Best Toys And Games To Buy On Black Friday

    Cross the kids off your list for a fraction of the cost.

    Cyber Weekend, the time when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME), is here.

    We waded through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. Unstable Unicorns for 55% off for folks who would *love* to build a gang of unicorns that'll, ahem, likely destroy their friendships. Fun!

    game packaging and cards

    2. A Barbie DreamHouse for 20% off — a house that pretty much has it all including a pool, slide, working elevator, lights, and sounds.

    3. A soft foam blaster for 53% off with an electric motor that automatically readies the next ball after the previous one is launched.

    a teenager holding the blaster

    4. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks for 57% off that'll ~force~ you to smile even when your kids insist on playing with their food.

    5. An L.O.L. Surprise! doll house for $70 off in case their dolls are looking to setup shop in a place of their own instead of the bottom of the toy box.

    the doll house

    6. A giant Jenga set for 17% off for extra competitive friends who always take game night to the next level.

    7. A Demon Slayer Funko Pop! bundle for 22% off complete with Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu ideal for your anime fans looking to expand their collection.

    8. An indoor ball pit for 20% off that your family and friends (or, in my case, felines) are sure to have a ~ball~ with every single day. Just picture the holiday photo you can get with this under the tree! Dreamy.

    9. A Play Osmo kindergarten starter kit for 60% off that can connect to your iPad or Fire Tablet to help your child learn math, reading, vocabulary, and drawing skills through exploration and interactive games.

    the set

    10. Codenames for 60% off to give you the chance to be a spy from the comfort and safety of your couch. This game is largely considered a modern classic, and with good reason! It's gonna be a ton of fun.

    several cards from the game on display

    11. An Amazon Fire Tablet for 50% off so they can quit hogging your phone when they want to play a game. It includes one year of Amazon Kids+ that gives your kids access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

    the fire tablet in purple

    12. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales game for 40% off that any child (or adult) will absolutely love. It's a different story than in the film, but is full of action and challenge that'll keep them (and you) entertained for hours.

    13. A Baby Alive interactive doll for 47% off so they can play doctor and figure out what's wrong with LuLu Achoo. She might have a cold which means it's time for a checkup. The doll's forehead and nose light up to indicate that they're sick. She even sneezes! But, a little medicine will fix her right up.

    14. A Super Mario Lego set for 20% off with a Super Mario figure that'll actually blink and make noise as they play with it.

    Two children playing with the Super Mario Lego set

    15. A Tobi 2 smart watch for up to 19% off that's kid-friendly tech but shares similarities with other smart watch devices. They can take selfies, play games solo or with friends, and even track their steps.

    16. Foodie Fight for 19% off — a fun board game for folks who would love nothing more than to ~roast~ you with their culinary trivia skills.

    board game and pieces

    17. A Na Na Na Surprise kitty cat camper for 21% off so they can take their Na Na Surprise dolls on a glamping adventure.

    the camper and accessories

    18. A Snap Circuits kit for 40% off to give young engineers a hands-on intro to how electrical circuits work while they figure out how to assemble over 100 ~working~ circuit projects. Best of all, the 30+ electronic parts snap together easily on the included plastic grid. (No tools needed!)

    19. A Got2Glow Fairy Finder for 13% off in case the child you're shopping for is enamored by the magic of fairies. This is one of the hottest toys of the season and has already sold out once.

    20. A Little Tikes electric guitar for 28% off for the family rock star ready for the ultimate jam session. The guitar comes with four modes: play with the band, free play, solo play, or play any song (using Bluetooth). The best part is that parents can control the volume. 😌

    21. A Hot Wheels colossal crash track set for 22% off that they can pull the lever of to hit the jump or stay on the track. It's Hot Wheels' biggest boosted set ever!

    a parent and child playing with the hot wheels track

    22. A Lego version of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter for 20% off so they can use the force to recreate their favorite scenes from Star Wars between rewatching all the films on Disney+. It even comes with mini figures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and General Dodonna.

    Child playing with Lego X-Wing Fighter

    23. A fabric pool float for 20% off that'll make your games of fetch far more fun.

    24. A Lalaloopsy Scoops Wafflecone Silly Hair doll for 50% off with fun hair that bends every which way and styling accessories to change their hair in a variety of mix and match styles. They also come with a reusable salon play set for the full beauty shop experience.

    the doll and their matching cat

    25. A Pokémon play set for 14% off that they'll be able to fold into a compact backpack that'll come in handy when they're trying to catch 'em all.

    26. A Rainbow High three-story dollhouse for 20% off because this pad is so nice, you'll wish you could shrink down and live in it yourself.

    27. A Beyblade strike battle set for 21% off with a motorized Beystadium, two battling tops, and two launchers that'll brings an entirely new intensity to this spinning tops game.

    Two kids battling their beyblades in the beyblade stadium

    28. A Rainbow High color-change car for 40% off with eight different color options for your doll's new ride. It has wheels that move, working seatbelts, and room to bring a bestie along on their next adventure.

    two rainbow high dolls in a car and color options the car can turn into including red orange yellow green blue and purple

    29. A purse pet for up to 44% off because it's a pocketbook that's actually...alive? Yes! Not only can they keep their tiny treasures safe inside, but their bag doubles as a pet with more than 25 sounds and reactions including eyes that really blink (totally not creepy at all).

    a child wearing the purse pet in leopard

    30. A Monster Jam "Megalodon Monster" wash for 14% off so their favorite trucks with oversized tires can go from dirty to clean and back to dirty again (as any Monster truck is wont to do).

    the megalodon car wash

    31. A multicolor LED Razor electric scooter for 20% off if your kid has a need for speed (but don't worry, it's not too much speed).

    a model wearing a helmet and riding the scooter

    32. A Funkoverse Marvel board game for 19% off for the comic-lovers who are always down for a good strategy game.

    the funkoverse marvel game

    33. And toilet paper puzzle for 25% off that'll be a fun family activity if your kids positively *live* for potty humor.

    puzzle of toilet paper rolls

    34. A refrigerator playset for 30% off because they've had their eye on a few kitchen appliances and this one has the built-in ice-maker feature needed for their imaginative play.

    A child playing with the refrigerator playset

    35. An outdoor science lab for 28% off to explore the creepy crawlies that lurk in the backyard, or under the couch.

    The outdoor science lab box

    36. A remote control stunt car for 25% off that'll zip its way into any thrill seeker's heart with 360 degree spins and ability to maneuver through any situation — carpet, hardwood, grass, dirt or gravel (even obstacles!)

    37. A talking microscope for up to 33% off for junior scientists who are curious about the little creatures we share the world with. It come with slides that you place under the microscope, then the microscope tells you a fact about that insect.

    A child looking into the microscope

    38. A non-slip sprinkler mat for 55% off that's tough enough to handle loads of jumping and splashing from human and pet children alike.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.