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    It's Not Too Late To Get These 25 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Significant Other To Both Amuse And Delight Them

    Laughter keeps the love alive, people.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for February 14th!

    1. A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket embraced by a cult following that includes Kim K herself, which means something to more people than just Pete Davidson. Your S.O. will be able to cozy up with this plush blanket and watch reruns of SNL all weekend long. They might even leave a little space for you.

    The fuzzy blanket in cream with a dark stone leopard print

    2. A New York Times crossword puzzle book for that quality time you've been looking to pencil in. Yes, use pencil, in case you have to erase.

    the cover

    3. An astrology-themed Birthdate Co. candle you can customize to not only their birth month, but their birth day, too. Because if they weren't born, you wouldn't have them in your life 🥺.

    the birthdate candle

    4. A corgi butt pillow — an adorably funny gift that is sure to make them laugh, especially if they're a dog-lover. If they don't laugh, feel free to blame it on me.

    5. An adorable itty bitty Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker they can use to blast their favorite tunes right before cuddling up for a Star Wars movie date night.

    6. A copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook to add a little magic to the kitchen. No more boring baked chicken, it's time to throw down some cauldron cakes and treacle tarts.

    the cover

    7. The Woobles gift card that'll make their heart roar (just like this dinosaur crochet kit) because they like to get crafty. They can spend a little alone time and dive into their own crochet project to make something they can cherish forever.

    the crochet dinosaur

    8. A funny mug because they can rarely go out on the weekends without adopting a new plant baby.

    a reviewer holding the mug that reads yes i really do need all these plants

    9. Custom stickers of your face (or your pet's face) to cheer them up whenever they're feeling down. Now they can take a little piece of you wherever they go.

    10. A copy of Rude Hand Gestures of the World so they can learn a new way to communicate their feelings. Hopefully, they won't have to use them.

    the cover

    11. A scratch-off movies bucket list poster for the film lover who claims they've seen every movie worth seeing. It's a great chance for them to discover a new film or revisit some of their favorites. When every movie is seen, they can frame it and add it to their wall decor.

    the poster with a few of the films scratched off

    12. An 18-pack of fine-tip colored pens to make handwritten notes a lot more fun.

    13. An adventure book inspired by the one Carl and Ellie created together in Pixar's Up. Now you'll have your own love book filled with adventures and memories. *insert happy tears here*

    a reviewer's up-inspired photo album

    14. Or, The Adventure Challenge date book perfect for the adventurous person who loves thinking up new things to do. Each challenge tells you how much it will cost and how long it will last. Scratch off the square and uncover your challenge. Then, take a photo from the challenge and write a brief summary of the experience to remember forever.

    someone filling out the adventure challenge page

    15. An intimate card game ideal if you're looking to gain additional insight into your loved one. The deck contains 52 cards — 15 blue (easy), 17 green, 12 yellow, and eight red (most intimate). Plus, they're pocket-sized so you can carry them with you for deep conversation wherever you go.

    16. A stuffed waffle maker to elevate ~breakfast in bed~. Waffles are already a top choice for any time of day and now you can fill 'em with cream cheese, strawberries, chicken, or anything else their heart desires.

    a reviewer's stuffed waffle

    17. A screaming goat that'll shriek whenever they touch it, which is basically an outward display of their inner frustrations. So now when they feel stressed out and want to scream, Billy (which isn't actually its name but seems like it fits) can scream for them.

    The screaming goat and a mini booklet of screaming goats

    18. A pair of baguette slippers in case they need something soft to rest their loaves in after a hard day. They almost look good enough to eat.

    19. A murder mystery puzzle book just begging to be unwrapped by your true crime-obsessed love. It's a whodunit book beautifully illustrated and packed with 20 mysterious cases ready to be solved 🕵🏽.

    a page in the murder mystery book

    20. A dancing inflatable tube guy to be a companion as wacky as they are. It'll look great on their desk, too.

    21. A shower wine and beer holder perfect for spoiling themselves after a long day. And let's face it, they deserve it.

    22. A waterproof notepad in case inspiration strikes at the most inopportune time. Either that, or mopping up the sopping wet floor after the tip toed out of their shower to write down their thoughts.

    the pad being written on in the shower

    23. A Mister Rogers magnetic dress up set because watching Mister Rogers change his sweater and shoes while singing "won't you be my neighbor," was one of the most soothing parts of childhood.

    24. A circular saw pizza cutter just begging to carve into their next slice of pizza.

    25. A Bob's Burgers coloring book ideal for fans of the show, they'll be able to color some of the iconic moments from the show.

    Your partner after receiving these: