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    30 Walmart Products You Probably Won't Shut Up About After Buying

    Let me tell you all about this lavender frozen drink maker.

    1. A gorgeous frozen drink maker that comes just in time for the warmer months. It can blend 10 six-ounce restaurant-quality frozen drinks in — you ready for this — 60 seconds!!

    the lavender frozen drink maker

    2. A three-pack of bento box food storage containers ready to accompany you on your meal-planning journey. Reviewers say the see-through design adds a nice touch and makes it easy to see what's for lunch when reaching for your meal.

    the three compartment bento boxes with snacks and treats inside

    3. A stick vacuum cleaner for an ultra-lightweight option that'll still give you all the suction you need to tackle big messes. Reviewers say it might actually make vacuuming enjoyable. 😳

    4. A leave-in curl cream from Tia Mowry's hair care line that'll provide you with a flexible hold. Just a few squirts of this stuff and it'll leave your curls defined and hydrated.

    the leave in conditioner

    5. A Hot Ones "Truth or Dab" game that'll ~spice up~ your monthly game night. Players have the choice to either answer personal and potentially awkward questions or hit the (hot) sauce (aka spicy wings).

    the game and its cards

    6. A sunset lamp perfect for setting that music video ambiance you're looking for in your daily BeReal photo. But don't just stop at sunset; the remote has 16 different colors and a 360-degree rotation — a must-have for hosting a weekend get-together.

    what the sunset lamp looks like on the wall which offers the room a dark orange ambiance

    7. A plant-based, sustainable V-neck bralette reviewers say has rekindled their love of bras thanks to the breathable cotton that makes for a super comfortable fit.

    8. An indoor cat tunnel so your ~pawesome~ kitties can keep themselves entertained while you're glued to your screen on another humdrum Monday. When they're done and you're ready for cuddles, you can collapse the tunnel for easy and compact storage.

    cats playing in the tunnel

    9. A 10-piece pots and pans set featuring nonstick white granite material to give you plenty of options whether you want to boil, fry, steam, stew, or sauté. With such a chic design, you might want to leave them out to be admired as part of your kitchen decor.

    the oatmeal speckled cookware set

    10. A Minnie Mouse BlendJet that'll use Disney magic to give you incredible smoothies on-the-go. This portable blender needs no cord or outlet to churn out your favorite 16-ounce morning shake.

    the minnie mouse blendjet

    11. A Scrub Daddy dish wand — or rather, a *Wand Daddy* if you will — that's the same viral sensation scrubber you've come to love, but now in a super convenient brush form. You can pour dishwashing liquid into the handle for easy daily cleanup. No more running a whole dish tub of water for a couple of plates.

    12. A dryer vent cleaner reviewers say is ~quick and easy~ and will clean out the buildup of lint in your lint trap, and improve the drying power of your dryer. (FYI: lint build up is a fire hazard, so it's best to keep the vent cleared.)

    someone using the vent cleaner brush

    13. An everyday laundry detergent that uses an eco-friendly, all-natural formula to wash your clothes, bedding, towels, and beyond. The bright and fresh scent is long-lasting and will leave your clothes and linens smelling like a clean breeze long after their return from the dryer.

    the laundry detergent in the scent Rise

    14. A clip-on strainer because you never seem to have enough extra hands when cooking. You can clip this strainer directly onto your bowl or pot to help you drain your pasta with ease.

    water draining from a pot through the clip on strainer in red

    15. A bubble pillar candle just begging to rest atop your bedside dresser and add some pizzazz to your bedroom decor. You can never have enough candles amirite?!

    the bubble candle in pink

    16. A Netflix concession kit themed after the oh-so-popular Stranger Things for an at-home theater experience. This comes with everything you need to assemble your own snack tray, including collectible cups, popcorn, fruity snacks, and an Icee slush.

    the concession kit with a pocket for popcorn, drink and fruit snacks

    17. A pet carrier in case you are looking for an easier way to transport your fur babies when out and about or road-tripping to an ideal destination. You can lay down the sides to allow them a little run-around room, too.

    the pet carrier laid out

    18. A bamboo turntable to streamline your cabinets, counters, or space under the sink. Imagine your go-to essentials neatly tucked away in a container you can spin to access. No more blind reaching under the cabinet, hoping a monster doesn't grab your hand.

    the bamboo turntable with spices on it

    19. A sleek broom and dustpan set that aligns flush with the floor so you don't miss any dirt. It even allows you to clip a cloth onto the bottom for easy cleaning of your floors and windows.

    the broom in a navy blue

    20. An over-the-sink colander that reviewers with tiny spaces say is a godsend as it has a slim design and can be easily stored, taking up minimal space.

    the colander in pink over a sink with fruit in it

    21. A Zevo flying insect trap because there's nothing more annoying than tiny little bugs flying around you when you're trying to eat a Hot Pocket.

    the bug trapper plugged into the wall emitting a blue light that lures the insects to the trap

    22. A Wanda June country-chic casserole dish with a lid from Miranda Lambert's cookware line to add to your kitchen lineup. You'll be ~hot stuff~ the next time you head over to mama's for a family dinner. You'll definitely get a few oohs and aahs over its cute design.

    the casserole dish that reads hot stuff in handwritten lettering

    23. A celestial skin elixir from Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty line that is pretty much a wonder in a bottle. It's here to boost your skin's radiance and leave you with a hydrated glow.

    24. An adorable and unique glass mushroom lamp in case you're looking for something to add to your workspace that'll actually make you look forward to getting to work.

    25. A Revlon hot air brush to dry and add volume to your hair. On-the-goers will find this particularly useful as it can dry and style your hair at the same time, which makes getting ready that much faster.

    the brush in pink and black

    26. A non-medicated custom blemish patch you can cut to the exact size you need to cover your acne or other skin irritations to protect them while they heal.

    a model wearing the patch after cutting it into the shape of a heart

    27. A Rocketbook smart reusable notebook, not only good for the environment but convenient for avid notetakers. It has 36 reusable pages with dotted lines for planning, listing, goal setting, note-taking, sketching, and sharing big ideas. When you're done writing, upload your notes to the cloud, erase, and write again.

    a person using the notebook

    28. A four-pack of color-changing tumbler cups your kids (and adults!) are sure to enjoy come summertime. The colors magically change when you fill them with a tasty cold beverage.

    the tumblers in various bright colors

    29. A strong hold gel with a fragrant fruit scent on the days you feel like getting a little creative with your edges or want to rock that famous 2003 swoop you had senior year.

    30. A C-shaped end table similar to the ones you might see in hotel rooms that are super versatile and useful for holding snacks during a movie night or acting as a desk when you feel like working away from your desk (aka on the couch).

    the c shaped end table that has black legs with a dark wood surface

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