• what_the_what?!

      Based on everything we’ve seen they lived in Pittsburgh. The triplets were conceived in a bathroom at a bar in Pittsburgh during a Steelers game. Jack then buys an unfinished house from his boss that is likely either in the city or a close suburb. The house appears to be the same their whole childhood (noted in the episode about the washing machine where we watch as they go through different appliances up until the kids are in high school and Kevin moves into the basement)
      That being said, it does seem that either the family briefly relocates their entire house or the writers goofed because in the Thanksgiving episode they are supposed to go to Rebecca’s parents in Connecticut which is somehow a 4 hour drive from their home (presumably in Pittsburgh). Pittsburgh is in the SW of PA, so this seems unlikely especially when you consider that Pittsburgh is 5+ hours from Philadelphia and Philly is 3-5 hours from Connecticut. Google says the quickest drive is at least 7 hours from Pittsburgh.
      William also seems to live in Philadelphia in the present day, based on him being less than a 2 hour drive from Randall in his NJ suburb of NYC….though his apartment seems similar to the one he had when Randall was a child, presumably in Pittsburgh.
      Also, I took it to mean that Kate was watching the 2006 Steelers game with Jack’s ashes because she loved her dad and he loved the Steelers. She was planning to watch the game with his ashes the night Toby invites her over. It seems to be her ritual to honor him and how much she loves him.
      Also of note, Kevin says his dad died when he was young, probably a teen based on the context when he was talking to the widow of the man who’s funeral Olivia took him too.
      So while not impossible that Jack dies in 9/11 in some capacity (plane passenger, construction worker, employee, passerby, etc.) it seems unlikely.
      My guess is that Jack died when the kids were in high school. When Randall and Kevin play each other in the football game, I got a bad feeling as the family drove off. It is possible he died that night or in some other accident. And perhaps Rebecca relocated to outside NYC because Randall was there, while the two other kids had moved to LA. Plus, we know she marries Miguel and that Miguel had children of his own. Perhaps they too live in the tri-state area around NYC.
      …..Not to over analyze the show…

    • what_the_what?!

      I understand that Buzzfeed may be trying to be “cute” or “funny” here, but this is not the topic or the presentation to do it! What I just read was deplorable. There is very little indication that this is, in fact, meant to be satirical. What it really is, is a representation of kids using a tobacco product that WILL CAUSE CANCER! If this isn’t changed to show its not encouraging kids to dip, or taken down completely, Buzzfeed should be ashamed. As a dentist, I am angry that anyone would joke about cancer causing agents. You wouldn’t encourage kids to smoke, even as a joke, so why this? Kids are impressionable. They think Buzzfeed is cool. They don’t get the joke and then they pick up a nasty habit? Way to go Buzzfeed. I hope that you plan on showing your audience the after of all this “fun”. Oral cancer is not pretty.

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