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    • whatthewho

      I understand that Buzzfeed may be trying to be “cute” or “funny” here, but this is not the topic or the presentation to do it! What I just read was deplorable. There is very little indication that this is, in fact, meant to be satirical. What it really is, is a representation of kids using a tobacco product that WILL CAUSE CANCER! If this isn’t changed to show its not encouraging kids to dip, or taken down completely, Buzzfeed should be ashamed. As a dentist, I am angry that anyone would joke about cancer causing agents. You wouldn’t encourage kids to smoke, even as a joke, so why this? Kids are impressionable. They think Buzzfeed is cool. They don’t get the joke and then they pick up a nasty habit? Way to go Buzzfeed. I hope that you plan on showing your audience the after of all this “fun”. Oral cancer is not pretty.