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Angela From Boy Meets World Still Looks The Same

Contrary to recent reports, come take a more in depth look.

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Angela from Boy Meets World, still looks the same

You’ve probably seen the new photo Boy Meets World actress uploaded on her Twitter. Many people have commented on her seemingly lighter skin and "Asian" looking eyes, using a poorly lit low quality BMW promo picture of her “before” as a comparison.

You have to remember how she looks like. You can't just use one or two photos (all of which are not high in quality) as a comparison.

It's the blonde hair and the lighting that is throwing you off. She has always had small eyelids/eyes like you see in her new photo. I understand though, that if this if the first time seeing a recent photo of her, she does looks different. Had the above photo been used for a “before” reference, you can see the difference is only in the hair color and make up.

As for her skin color appearing lighter, it is just the lighting of the photo. View the other TwitPic with the same hair color, different lighting below. As you can see on the photo on the right, she has her usual skin complexion.

Just thought I'd clear this up with a Buzzfeed of my own. Here are more photos from the 1990s/early 2000s for further reference.

Recent photos of her with her regular hair color.

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