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FacilitySource, An Insider’s Take On The Growth And Success Of FacilitySource – By Chris Jernigan

When it comes to business success, there are two essential things that make all the difference; a strong entrepreneurial vision and incredible leadership to drive that vision all the way. In a radically evolving market, where competition is fierce and clients are always on the lookout for exceptional products or services, organizations need leadership that can bring about change.

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Our current leadership team is led by CEO Bill Hayden. Bill has been overseeing the management of the company for 12 years. FacilitySource is a provider of innovative, technology-driven, single-source facility management and support solutions. By serving clients across retail, banking, logistics, healthcare and many other sectors, our company is recognized as a market leader in the integrated facility management (IFM) space and known for our industry leading technology and innovative solutions. Bill is supported in his role by a first class team of technology, finance, operations, and HR experts, of which I am proud to be a part of, leading the Sales and Marketing efforts.

Using data-driven decision making, FacilitySource has achieved a double-digit percentage growth every year, since its inception. With almost a century of experience working with facility management companies and tech-based asset management, our leadership team had the background necessary to create an innovative, efficient and effective business process for FacilitySource, key to the organization's success.

Keeping data at the heart of operations and processes, FacilitySource has grown to be the industry’s and country’s largest and most trusted data repository, gathered from over 120,000 client locations, delivering the most accurate operational and financial reporting to our clients, driving continual improvement.

FacilitySource has seen over 50% growth in the last 12 months and evolved from a team of 15 people to more than 600 employees in its years of operation. Our organization believes that manpower is a key component of business growth and an important aspect of leadership. By introducing training programs, social initiatives, incentives, recognition systems, and social responsibility programs like the FacilitySource University, our organization places a lot of emphasis on culture and employee development.

As key takeaways from our story, here are a few things aspiring entrepreneurs can add to the success formula:

•It is important to have a clear and strong vision, which can revolutionize the way in which an industry functions.

•Technology is the key driver of millennial businesses. It opens up the path to growth and should be integrated across all levels.

•Clients seek experience more than anything today. By focusing on their needs and having an efficient service delivery team can enhance their experience.

•Pricing can be a deal-breaker. Whether it’s the organizational costs or client overheads, setting the right price for your products can go a long way in client retention and steady growth.

•Data always speak. Leveraging the power of big data can allow decision makers to arrive at accurate results with better insights.

•Instilling a sense of ‘hustle’ and ‘hard-work’ will help build trust, confidence, and ‘peace of mind’ for both team members and clients.

•Last, but not the least, building an employee-centric work culture to boost performance.

Aligned with an entrepreneurial vision, FacilitySource will continue to grow with an unwavering sense of integrity, brand philosophy, and commitment to clients under the leadership of our executive leadership team.

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