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The Controversial Definition Of Content Curation

See why 'curator' and 'content curation' are viral issues

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Meg O'Leary is ranting about the phrase 'content curation' in her piece Content Curation is NOT Content Creation while Peter Morin is attacking the word 'curator'. Morin aka Tahltan_channel_surfer doesn't like the way 'Curator' is being used carelessly and vehemently made a list of the top offenders.

For some dictionaries, the verb Curate means Organize. So if I'm curating content, I am simply organizing content and that's how I would define it. Now if I define 'organizing content', it would be a grayer area and would be much more controversial!

'A curator ingests, analyzes and contextualizes web content and information of a particular nature onto a platform or into a format we can understand.' That is Stephanie Buck's definition and I like it. Someone else defined content curation as: 'Using data from different sources and presenting it.'

So do you have a better definition of 'curator' and 'content curation'? Come join the controversy and irk or awe some more readers.

'Social Media' Should be a Controversy Too

Why 'Social Media' is Oxymoronic

Media - the means of communication that reach large numbers of people, such as television, newspapers, and radio

That definition implies media is already social. So why the term 'social media'? Why not the term 'alternative media' or 'digital media' instead? Even defining social media as: Any medium used for socializing, 'social media' would still sound wrong wouldn't it?

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