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  • Trend To Rock: Colored Mascara Photo

    Color is key to making your makeup pop and have your unique look stand out amongst the rest. There is nothing more gorgeous than a classic black lash yet I am so all for the colored lash! Dior just put out an incredible colored mascara line that I…

  • The Best Spice Girls Nail Art Photo

    Nail art and anything Spice Girls are always a hot topic of mine and this nail art is the perfect mix of both. This Girl Power filled nail art gallery may just inspire you to go out and get your nails done. Would you rock Spice Girls nail art?

  • The Best Nirvana Tattoos Photo - Buzznet

    I am a huge fan of Nirvana and always will be. They are such a legendary band and really inspired most of your favorite bands and artists you listen to today. I am such a big fan that I got a Kurt Cobain portrait right on the center of my chest,…

  • Be The First To Rock Beauty Forever At Warped Tour Photo

    I am on all of the Vans Warped Tour this Summer with my clothing line Beauty Forever doing signings and meeting all my amazing fans! For those of you who haven’t checked out my clothing line yet, here is a gallery of pictures from past and present…

  • Black Beauty: Matte Black Inspo Photo

    My hair is known for being vibrant and colorful but when it comes to my fashion, you usually can see me in black most of the time. I also am so in love with matte black lips, maybe just MAYBE you will see me make some of my own ;) Here

  • World’s Most Magical Homes Photo

    I believe life is all about creating and expressing yourself and there are so many ways to do that - from how one carries themself to fashion to the kind of space one decides to create as their home. I believe there are too many people that buy into…

  • Fashion Spotlight: Shoe Bakery Photo

    The yummy kicks by Shoe Bakery are so amazing - I had to share them with you guys. These uber unique shoes are all handmade and the attention to detail is incredible…they really are little works of art! Fab <3 Peep some of the delicious beauties in the gallery - and

  • IG Recap: Family Art & Makeup Photo

    Hey Buzznet,  I had another amazing week filled with Warped Tour singings, family and of course all things makeup.  Take a look through my week via instagram and let me know what YOU were up to this past week in the comments below!

  • The Best Of Ellie Goulding’s Instagram Photo

    Ellie Goulding is damn near perfect. She’s pretty, popular, down-to-earth, super talented, totally sweet, has rockin’ style and posts some pretty awesome pics to her Instagram! Being a huge E.G. fan, I fell into the Ellie Instagram hole and found myself screen shotting some of my most favorite pics she’s posted

  • 21 Tea Parties Too Cute To Be Real Photo

    Happy Friday, Moon Babies! You made it through the week…let’s celebrate with some adorable creatures having the cutest tea parties! <3 These little guys will totally put a smile on your face :) Have a magickal weekend!!!   I.L.U. k        More For You: 42 Little Creatures Too Cute To Be Real! Your Favorite Disney Characters As Grumpy Cat! Insta Party

  • Jeffree Star Shows His Fans Love At Vegas Warped Tour Photo

    Hey guys! As you know I am out on all of the 2014 Vans Warped Tour this Summer with my clothing line, Beauty Forever Co with the Paper Alligator family! Everyday I get to meet all of my amazing fans at my tent and we take pictures together of course! Vegas was

  • Your Favorite Disney Characters As Grumpy Cat Photo

    Moon Babies, meet Eric Proctor AKA TsaoShin - the super creative artist behind the hilarious mash-up series, “Grumpy Disney”. He’s taken some of the most iconic and classic Disney characters, switched them up in the most amazing way, and replaced…

  • DIY Tuesday: Upgrade Your Summer Shorts Photo

    The heat is creeping in on us here in LA…and that means short shorts! :P I know tons of people who hoard away crazy amounts of cut-offs that just sit in the backs of their closets. But luckily, this summer’s fashions seem to be taking a major DIY…

  • Hot Or Not: The Bleached Eyebrow Trend Photo

    As you may know I clearly do not have eyebrows…everyone always asks me what I use or ask if I bleach them. I even had one of my models for my #ExtremeBeauty class bleach her eyebrows because it just adds such an edgy effect and allows you to over…

  • IG Recap: Warped Tour Week 1 Photo

    Hey Buzznet Babes,  As you all know Warped Tour has officially kicked off as of last week and I have been meeting so many of my amazing fans. Take a look at my past week in IGs!  What Warped Tour date are YOU going to?

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