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Here's How You Can Ask David Cameron A Question In Person

Join our #EURef Town Hall with David Cameron and other big names from the Leave and Remain campaigns and make them answer your questions.

BuzzFeed UK Politics 3 years ago

Updates: After Marathon Debate, MPs Vote To Launch Airstrikes In Syria

MPs voted on Wednesday to approve airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria following an all-day debate. The prime minister is desperate to make sure he wins enough support in the House of Commons to send RAF jets to fight ISIS in Syria.

BuzzFeed UK Politics 3 years ago

David Cameron Back In No. 10 As Rivals Resign

The leaders of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP all resigned as prime minister David Cameron's Conservatives won a surprise majority in parliament. In Scotland, the SNP swept the board, winning all but three seats.

BuzzFeed UK Politics 4 years ago