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    How To Pitch BuzzFeed: A Guide For Freelancers And Contributors

    Interested in pitching BuzzFeed? Here's how.

    Son Tuyen Huynh / BuzzFeed

    Have you ever wondered if BuzzFeed accepts freelance and contributor pitches?

    Great, welcome! We do, and this guide should help you along your way.

    We're always looking for freelance writers who can contribute entertaining and well-researched pieces to, though what we're taking pitches on can vary based on the season.

    Format-wise, we welcome pitches for lists (with a minimum of 15 items in each list), how-to guides or explainers, super timely or trending news stories, first-person stories about trying something interesting, and more.

    (Personal essays can be submitted to BuzzFeed Reader, as we do not currently accept pitches for them.)

    Right now, we are looking for content to fit these coverage areas:

    Daily Trending Stories 📈


    We are currently seeking writers to be on call for timely story assignments throughout the workday and night. Topics might include pop culture, sports, and trending stories.

    You'll work with BuzzFeed editors to write quickly write up trending stories of the day within two hours of assignment on Slack. Previous experience turning around stories quickly in a fast-paced environment a plus.


    Cardi B's Daughter Walked In On Her Dancing To "WAP," And I Can't Stop Laughing At What Cardi Did Next

    Dorinda Medley Is Leaving "Real Housewives Of New York" And The Show Will Never Be The Same Without Her

    Lori Harvey Was Head Over Heels When She Saw What Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan Got Her For Her Birthday

    Roberto Clemente's Number Will Be Worn For The First Time This Year Since His Death For A Very Important Reason

    Beauty 💄

    set of assorted tools and products for makeup application placed near shiny glitter on pink background
    Anna Efetova / Getty Images

    Evergreen stories, "I Trieds", explainers, quizzes, and lists about beauty, with bonus points if it relates to Gen Z. We're especially interested in the "less is more" aesthetic — think: skincare, minimalism, TikTok tutorials or trends, beauty on a budget.


    I Tried The Drugstore Moisturizing Hack That's All Over Instagram, And My Skin Is Completely Glowing

    I Got A Perm In The Year 2021 And Loved It, Despite Not Being A Grandma

    18 Inexpensive Beauty Hacks That'll Change Your Life

    Lifestyle 🥑

    Iced coffee being poured into an ice cube tray to create ice cubes — and a finished cup of homemade iced coffee.
    Zoraya Smalley / BuzzFeed

    Lifestyle covers food, relationships, mental health and wellness, DIY, parenting, general life skills, and more.

    Topics are often service-driven: anything people might be interested in doing better or learning more about. You should either be qualified to write on the topic with authority, or lay out a plan to do research and interview experts who are.


    Here Are The Best Trader Joe's Snacks According To Nutritionists

    What To Do If Your Sex Drive Is Much Lower (or Higher) Than Your Partner's

    I Tried A Bunch Of TikTok Life Hacks (And Some Were Low-Key Brilliant)

    8 Tiny But Effective Habits I Turn To When I'm Feeling Stressed Or Anxious

    10 Expert Tips For Thoughtfully Talking About Racism With Family Or Friends

    The (Really Good) Iced Coffee Recipe That's Fueled Me All Through Quarantine

    K-Pop and K-Drama 🎙️

    BTS attends a press conference for BTS's new digital single 'Butter' at Olympic Hall
    The Chosunilbo Jns / ImaZins via Getty Images

    We're always looking for writers who are knowledgeable about the world of K-Pop (from BTS to all of the smaller groups) and viewers of the soapiest, most romantic K-Dramas.


    25 Popular Korean Actors Who Originally Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

    24 K-Dramas That Are Made Even Better By Their Fantastic Soundtracks

    These Are The 27 Best K-Dramas And Movies On Netflix Right Now

    Personal Finance 💵

    Pm Images / Getty Images

    We’re looking for service content geared towards younger Millennials and Gen Z’ers who are just starting their financial lives. Think: explainers, Gen Z/Millennial finance trends, budgeting and savings hacks, money etiquette, personal stories/“I Tried” posts.


    31 People Share The Best Money Advice They've Ever Gotten

    10 Seriously Useful Money Tips That Everyone Can Use

    27 Money Tips For Students That Are Actually Useful

    Pop Culture 📺


    We welcome all pitches about the world of TV, movies, music, and celebrity.


    HBO Max's "Pure" Made Me Feel Seen As Someone Who Has OCD

    16 Easter Eggs Spotted In "The Umbrella Academy" Season 2

    17 Things Every "American Horror Story" Fan Is Totally Guilty Of

    18 Times BTS Actually Gave The Best Life Advice

    Currently, we are specifically looking for pitches about television programs and films that are coming out in 1-2 months time to publish ahead of their premiere.

    Sex & Love 💘


    We’re open to pitches about sex and wellness. Topics are often service-driven: anything people might be interested in doing better or learning more about. Or it can tackle a topic that people might not know how to discuss or approach! You should either be qualified to write on the topic with authority, or lay out a plan to do research and interview experts who are.


    I Masturbated Every Day For A Month And Before You Say Anything, It Was Actually Really Powerful

    What Lesbian Sex Position Are You?

    How Much Random Vagina Knowledge Do You Have?

    Sex Is Painful For Me — These 9 Things Help

    The 14 Stages Of Getting Your Period That Everyone With A Period Can Relate To

    This Is Why People With Vaginas Get Bleached Stains In Their Underwear

    Anime ✌️

    Staralis Film Company

    We are currently looking for stories and recommendations, from why your show is a great watch to the best shows and movies to watch on streaming platforms. If you're an anime fan, pitch us!

    If you have a freelance pitch outside of these topics, definitely still pitch it to us. Just know that this is what we need to fill the most.

    Due to the volume of submissions, we’re not able to respond to all emails individually. But if we’re interested, we will usually get back to you within two weeks. If something is truly time-sensitive and you need a response sooner, please note that in the subject line.

    To submit a pitch, email

    Please include the title of your piece with a few sentences about what it would look like and/or examples of points in your list. If you're new to us, feel free to include writing clips or samples from your previous work. Please do not send us completed drafts.

    And yes, we pay for published pieces! Rates vary depending on amount of reporting or research, turn-around time, and topic expertise.

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