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The Best Overheard Quotes From Fashion Week

Enhanced with some fabulous Instagrams.

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"What I like about fashion week for myself, is this is supposed to be my distraction from everything else."

"...the cute men, the models…"

"He's like, 'I only date closet cases.'"

"I just got some call to do a GQ cover but it's like in the midst of all this and I'm like, no."


"You could say I'm a dandy." —A man wearing tweeds, oxblood leather shoes and an intense coat getting photographed a lot.

"You look fabulous and young."

"This is the skinniest I've ever seen you"

"I'm DJing now. The concept is 'stiletto.'"

"I'm having an ivory moment."

"Like, the last thing I want to think about right now is food choice."

"I quit drinking three days ago, so."

"Did you see that red fur? Ugh [approvingly]."

"Is that seat taken or has she just got her purse there for fun?"


"We have to get coffee after this. It would be MAJ."

"Remember Ashlee Simpson spells her name with two E's"

"I have so many fucking shoes."

"I can't see a damn thing. It's alright." —Guy wearing insane sunglasses inside

Security guard: "What are you waiting for?"

Guy: "Oh, I'm just watching the people."

"He's like 6 feet tall and the size of my finger. He's like a toothpick."

On the Tracy Reese show: "I was supposed to be there, but I was getting free stuff."

"Beer! They're giving it out!"

Lady one: "I have on vintage Tory [Burch]."

Lady two: "I know, I recognize the jacket."

"We need you — someone's in a front row seat that shouldn't be."

"My goal is to get to 2,000 this week." —Lady wondering how people get so many Twitter followers.

"You have been shopping so much for this! I see it in you every day."

"I love this look on you! It's the anti-fashion blogger. I'm jealous."


"I ate a very small breakfast."

"My friend was like his third assistant or something."

"…hot as in you don't have to be super-jacked or anything."

"When I saw you, you were doing this [gesture] and it just looked so nice." –Photographer trying to get a woman to pose

"I sent you an email and you never answered!"

"I can handle crazy, but this is like a whole new batch of crazy."

"Oh my god, I love onion rings, but obviously I haven't eaten one in forever."

Man: "She and I are one person together. How big is your waist?"

Lady: "We're one normal person, not one fat person. Wait for that to be misquoted."


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