The 13 Most Stressful TV Relationships

These fictional couples had us asking “will they or won’t they?” for seasons in the most annoying way. Which TV couples have stressed you out the most?

1. Mary and Matthew on “Downton Abbey”

After two long, long seasons of near-deaths, actual deaths, broken engagements, and insanely irritating “I love you but we can’t be together!” talk, they are finally together. God help us all if it doesn’t last next season.

2. Chuck and Blair on “Gossip Girl”

Just get together already, you two, and STAY THAT WAY.

3. Jack and Kate on “Lost”

The “Lost” island had a smoke monster, a hatch, polar bears, and those weird “other” people. There was even time travel. Yet still — STILL! — these two could not do something as simple as get it on on a regular basis?

4. Mulder and Scully on “The X-Files”

Nothing quite stalls a sexually tense years-long will-they-or-won’t-they relationship like being abducted and impregnated by aliens.

5. Anna and Bates from “Downton Abbey”

Oh right, have them finally get together, then have his psychotic ex-wife come back and then have her commit suicide, which will frame him into going to jail. We’re still losing sleep over it.

6. Carrie and Aiden on “Sex And The City”

Why would you quit cigarettes for someone manly and in love with you and then cheat on them with a huge cad?

7. Carrie and Big on “Sex And The City”

Speaking of! How hard was it for these to not to cheat on each other and just SHOW UP TO THINGS?

8. Meredith and Derek on “Grey’s Anatomy”

In case the show wasn’t already stressful and emotionally gripping enough that people are literally dying all the time tragic freak accidents, these two lovers could only manage to “marry” by signing a Post-It.

9. Donna and David on “90210”

They wouldn’t sleep together forever. There was also his drug problem.

10. Rachel and Finn on “Glee”

Their confused feelings for each other are expressed in song — usually with his ex-girlfriend/her nemesis staring them down.

11. Kevin and Winnie from “The Wonder Years”

Kevin had a crush on Winnie but started using Becky to make Winnie jealous — a classic way to throw one off course from one’s True Love.

12. Pam and Jim from “The Office”

This took foooooreeeeevveeeerrrrrrrr.

13. Summer and Seth from “The OC”

He loved her since they were kids! And even named his sailboat after her. He passed his generation of torture onto audiences.

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