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    8 Ways To Wear "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Fashion

    Eager to wear new Fifty Shades of Grey clothes and accessories, but not sure how to style them? BuzzFeed Shift's resident supermodel Gavon Laessig demonstrates how to rock Fifty Shades-wear at some locations inspired by the Seattle-based book.

    1. Try a tank and belt necklace while getting ready to face the day in your hotel room.

    Tank from Spaz Shirts.

    2. Take in the local beauty with an array of plunging V-necks.

    V-necks from Etsy. "Got Grey?" shirt from Spaz Shirts.

    3. Make plan-making stylish with a sexy iPhone case and "Grey-sessed" tote bag, both perfect for a harbor stroll.

    Cake ball and iPhone case from Etsy. Tote bag from GREYsessed.

    4. Get in the mood with Laters Baby underpants.

    Underwear from Etsy, no longer available.

    5. Celebrate your inner goddess in the Red Room of Pain.

    A cake ball makes a great gag if you haven't eaten them all yet.

    6. Be sure to snap some self-portraits.

    7. Pre-game in a comfy form-fitting tank.

    Don't forget your belt necklace when you hit the nightclubs.

    8. In these cotton shorts you'll never feel inferior.

    Shorts from Spaz Shirts.

    Photoshopping by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed.