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28 Ways "Sex And The City" Would Be Different If It Were On TV Now

Sex and the City premiered on HBO exactly 14 years ago. But what would the fab four be doing with themselves if the show were still on? Well, Charlotte would be all over Pinterest, obviously.

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5. Carrie would be insane for Pierre Hardy shoes instead of Manolo Blahniks.

Instead of having an intimate moment with embellished periwinkle satin open-toe shoes, she'd be orgasmic for...


9. And she'd have at least 60,000 followers on Twitter.

The plotline would be something maddening like: after Samantha teaches Carrie about the value of Twitter, she signs up and within DAYS accrues a following of 30,000. She becomes obsessed with the numeric value Twitter allows her to place on her popularity — but can she Tweet and keep her relationships intact?


10. Carrie would refuse to give up her BlackBerry while all her friends make fun of her for not having an iPhone.

11. Instead of breaking up with Carrie via Post-It, Burger would have broken up with her over Gchat.

He'd probably do something incredibly obnoxious like ping her "I'm sorry... I can't." And then block her.

12. Samantha would make the mistake of thinking all the penises on ChatRoulette belonged to hot young men.

She would dress up in fancy lingerie for a session of video chat sex with strangers and be sorely disappointed when she encountered old men with saggy breasts.

14. Charlotte would have gotten all the ladies to try a juice fast.

Carrie and Miranda would cave and go out for pizza while Charlotte sticks with the juice fast and becomes horribly cranky.



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