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    24 TV Shows That Need To Become Clothing Lines Immediately

    The costume designer of Girls might collaborate on clothing lines — even though sometimes her work is all about "finding [Lena Dunham] just the right pair of gross underwear." Girls is great in many ways, but what about the fashion on all these other TV shows going unnoticed but wildly relevant today? Everyone wants to turn televised nonsense into clothing lines now (Snooki sunglasses exist) so they may as well reach back to shows that are at least ironically cool now.

    1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    2. Saved by the Bell

    3. Seinfeld

    4. Clarissa Explains It All

    5. Hey Dude

    6. Absolutely Fabulous

    7. The Cosby Show

    8. 90210

    9. My So-Called Life

    10. Lost

    11. The Real World (First Season)

    12. Family Ties

    13. Twin Peaks

    14. The Wonder Years

    15. Blossom

    16. Daria

    17. Soul Train

    18. Married with Children

    19. In Living Color

    20. Sex and the City

    21. Dawson's Creek

    22. Gilmore Girls

    23. That '70s Show

    24. Friends

    And Girls: