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20 Reasons Why New Year's Is The Worst

Despite the pressure for this to be the best night of a girl's life ever, it never is.

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4. The amount of time you spend planning your outfit and getting ready to go to a party is never actually worth it.

Like, you'll spend DAYS coming up with this, leave the house with the attitude to match, and arrive at a party where everyone is just wearing flat ankle boots and skinny jeans.


5. Wearing your sexy party outfit in the cold weather never works out like this.

This image* is a LIE — it's never this fun to be out in the snow in platform pumps and bare legs, even if you have a man to carry you and be all sweet about it.

Found on PINTEREST! *shakes fist at Pinterest's recklessly idealistic ways*.

6. Ditto your elaborate makeup.

You'll use some fancy 12-step tutorial to get the perfect, sexy raccoon eye, and as soon as you arrive wherever you're going, you'll see someone who just wore eyeliner and looks perfect and wonder why you bothered.

7. Restaurants do annoying, expensive prix-fixe menus, so you can't even go out for a normal, low-key dinner.

And even if you resign to do the expensive prix-fixe thing, you have to realize you want to do this week's in advance before everything books up.


14. The one time you travel abroad on New Year's Eve, you realize that lots of other cities in this world have the same New Year's hassles.

Drunken fools run rampant, and restaurants and nightclubs are booked solid. Meanwhile, in a foreign land you're less likely to be able to hit a friend's house party to save the night.


20. You can't go to the gym on New Year's Day because all the people who have "resolved" to work out are crowding up the joint.

You'll have to wait for all the cardio machines that are usually empty! Workout classes will be totally full! This will go on until March, when you'll get a month of reprieve before the gym clogs up again with "bikini body" strivers in May.