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    Good News, Everyone: BuzzFeed Has A Newsletter About Cats

    It's called "This Week In Cats." And it is EXTREMELY important.

    You read that right: BuzzFeed has a GROUNDBREAKING newsletter that is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ABOUT CATS.

    © Corinne Wilger Photography 2015

    (Cats are clearly the most important creatures to ever set paw on this Earth, so it would be insane if there WASN’T a newsletter about them. Just look at how important this kitten is.)

    And when you sign up for “This Week In Cats,” you’ll get all the most important kitty news every Friday. For example, just this week this cat ate a bagel.

    This cat found a new way to be the life of the party.

    And these cats revolutionized sleepovers for all the best friends out there.

    “This Week In Cats” is absolutely essential for every cat-lover. So what are you waiting for?

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