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    3 Adorable Emails That Will Always Brighten Your Day

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    1. If nothing puts a smile on your face like a delightful dog, you need our “Dog a Day” newsletter in your life!

    We’ll send you a picture of a precious pup every single day, right when you need it most. How's THAT for a special delivery?

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    2. But if the idea of an all-dogs newsletter is downright shocking, you're clearly a cat person — and "This Week in Cats" is for you.

    Cats lead VERY important lives. And every Friday, "This Week in Cats" will be your guide to all the most adorably important cat news of the week.

    For example: What could possibly be more important than this cat pushing a small cart?

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    3. But if you love all adorable animals equally, from puppies and kittens to bunnies and beyond? Then give the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter a try!

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